Processing Doesn't Open

When I open processing.exe, the logo window of processing shows up for about 2-3 seconds then it simply closes. Nothing happens after that. Even Task Manager has no process related to it.
I have been using processing for 3 months and it had worked great. But suddenly one day onwards it is showing this behaviour.

Expected Behavior
Whenever we open processing.exe, after displaying the logo window, the editor should open up.

Current Behavior
But in my case, it just closes after the logo window.

Steps to Reproduce
I have tried the following steps:

  1. Delete processing, and download a new one
  2. Download the latest version of java
  3. Run processing as admin
  4. But none of these makes things better.

My Environment

Processing version: 3.3.7
Operating System and OS version: Windows 10 Home
Other information: 64bit

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One more thing you could try is to look for a pde file via your file browser and double click on it to see if that opens Processing.