Processing isn't running (java.lang.NullPointerExcpetion)

heyo y’all. As of recent i’ve gotten this issue where processing 3 (64 bit) will fail to launch after i open it. I’ll include an image of the message uhhhh processingisntworking

please bear with me because i’m not good at fixing computer issues. uhhhhh I’ve got java installed, latest version and all that, running windows 10 pro, version 1703, i5-7300 cpu @ 2.60 ghz 2.71 ghz, 8 gb ram and i’m using 64 bit. my laptop’s been kinda messed up lately because i hadn’t updated it in like the past two years, it was crashing and all that. finally updated and it’s no longer crashing, though the updates section in settings is telling me i need to update (even though it doesnt and wont let me see the update history). but i’m probably overthinking it, and if anyone could provide me with any advice on fixing this i’d appreciate it a lot <3

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processing comes with own JAVA (8)

-a- clean up:
-a1- backup your sketch
-a2- delete processing “install” dir ?like were you unzipped it?
c:\USERS\ < USER > \Documents\processing3.5.3…
-a2- delete processing “sketch” dir
c:\Users\ < USER > \Documents\Processing… with your sketch / libs / tools / modes
-a3- delete processing “system” dir
c:\Users\ < USER > \AppData\Roaming\Processing\

-b- reinstall
-b1- unzip to your “install” dir
c:\USERS\ < USER > \Documents\processing3.5.3\processing.exe
( or a link to it ( like on desktop ) )
++ you will be asked if to (allow) run JAVA
it creates again
c:\Users\ < USER > \Documents\Processing
c:\Users\ < USER > \AppData\Roaming\Processing
-b3- install libraries again ( like via contribution manager )
-b4- run simple example and a demanding ( for you graphic system )
/ Files / Examples / Demos / Graphics / Ribbons
if there are problems ( GL ) might need update windows graphics driver
( while recently we see also here something like a update warning where GL not work after update driver??? )

also see
Java error on startup when I launch Processing ,


thanks for the quick response i’ll try it out