Processing 3 is not working properly

Recently, I uninstalled few programs(Including Java stuffs) and app on my laptop and after few days I opened processing 3.3.6, it just show this

for a minute and then goes off and after a while(10 - 20 minutes) sketch opens again, when I write a program and press of run, the whole thing freezes even If I try to close the sketch windows, it gives no response.

In the case of processing 1.5.1, when I downloaded “no java” version, It just showed me that JDK is needed and after installing the same, same version of Processing works fine, but this results no effect on freezing of processing 3.

In the case of processing 2.3, things are fine and working properly.

I am using Windows 10 machine, with latest JDK and Java installed.

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understand that old versions fail
processing 3.3.6
processing 1.5.1
( processing 2.3 )
after messing with JAVA / JDK …

actually as processing comes with JAVA that installed JAVA does not matter
( unless you work with export application ( but not using ( [ ] incl. JAVA ) )

just for verify, please

  • delete the system directory where preferences.txt is
    ( c:\Users\ < YOU > \AppData\Roaming\Processing\ )
  • download processing 3.5.3
  • unzip
  • start …/processing-3.5.3/processing.exe ( double click )
  • test any / File / Examples /

( if that does not work might need reinstall windows )

also there might be that question about the sketchbook path.
you are free to move the sketchbook path to new location
( and later the started processing version will move therein the

  • examples
  • libraries
  • modes
  • templates
  • tools

there should be also your MAIN sketchbook folder ( make manually )

    the path for all this should be named in your case with the processing version
    ( c:\Users\ < YOU > \Documents\Processing353\ )
    as the libraries/tools/modes/ … AND
    your own sketches will all run only under THAT ONE processing version.

if you want test one sketch with a “newer” version must copy it manually to its new
sketchbook path / and if it runs /
put that info into the code:

//tested with processing x.y.z


I did all that multiple times, as the same was mentioned in other answer of this category of question for processing.But it has no effect. I tried processing 3.3.6 and processing 3.5.3.

so your first post was not very exact about what and how you install processing, wasting time…

as i only use win7 and linux i can not help you more,
your question might be:

? what could be damaged with win 10 so processing 3 can not be installed?

  • windows fire wall ( test disable )
  • windows defender deleted processing
  • delete

as for processing that is not required.

  • Please first seek help on the Processing Forum. We’ve tested the releases and thousands of people are able to start Processing. If you find that a specific Tool, Mode, or Library is the problem after following the steps below please write to the author of that extension.
  • Try moving or renaming your Sketchbook. Sometimes a Mode or Tool conflicts with opening Processing. This will disable all Modes and Tools and a new Sketchbook will be created in the default location. Once Processing is opening again, code can be moved back into the new Sketchbook.
    • The sketchbook on Windows XP is Documents and Settings → username → Application Data → Processing.
    • On Windows 7 and later, it’s Users → username → AppData → Roaming → Processing.
    • For Mac OS X, it’s Users → username → Library → Processing.
  • An alternate approach to moving or renaming the Sketchbook is to change the name of each Mode and Library inside the Sketchbook one at a time. When the name of the Mode or Library that is causing the issue is changed, Processing will start and you’ll know where the issue is.
  • Errors inside code that is outside of setup() or draw() may just hang/freeze Processing. For instance, with this code, if “blah.vlw” is not in the “data” folder, it may just hang (and won’t work in any case). Never use loadXxxx() methods outside setup() and draw().
PFont font = loadFont("blah.vlw");

void setup {
  // your awesome code

Here are references for processing series(many common bugs mentioned):

Hope it helps!


Thanks @JoeGeun
was a good idea, but i think the official link to that document is this

and when i fly over its content i think there is a confusional passage
( exactly the one you also quoted here above )

The sketchbook … On Windows 7 and later, it’s Users → username → AppData → Roaming → Processing.

actually, that is wrong, but i do not even know a name for that directory so i often call it

( processing ) system directory

as it is not where processing is installed ( that would be where you unzipped it to )
and it is NOT the sketchbook directory ( where libraries/tools/YOUR SKETCHES are )
it is the place where / at first start / the preferences.txt file is stored,
and later also can find the old error logs under the /console/ sub directory

There aren’t anything named sketchbook, neither of any name of my programs like sketch_{some_data/time}. Yeah, there are errors data.

now i also might can help about WIN10 !finally!
( on a fresh installed PC the is no JAVA… installed )
and download unzip run processing 3.5.3. works as expected,
and as usual there was the question from windows defender to allow JAVA to run
( possibly you disabled?)
BUT there is a easy way to check on that setting:

in DETAILS you see the path info,
there should be one entry for each Processing version ( path ) if it carries JAVA