GSoC 2023: Join the Processing Foundation as a Summer of Code Contributor!

Hi folks,

We’re excited to share that the Processing Foundation will be participating once again as a mentor organization in Google Summer of Code 2023. It will be our 12th year in the program, and we’re looking forward to welcoming new contributors!

By joining the Google Summer of Code program and contributing to Processing, you can make a huge difference in the experience of thousands of people, many of whom are exploring programming for the first time.

Check out the Processing GSoC project list for a list of project ideas and improvements to Processing, p5.js, and more that you can contribute to.

Google Summer of Code is a global, online program focused on bringing new contributors into open source software development. GSoC Contributors work with an open source organization on a 12+ week programming project under the guidance of mentors.

The program is open to all individuals over the age of 18 who are new to open source development. Applications for GsoC contributors will be accepted from March 20th to April 4th.

If you have questions about the project list or the application process, please ask in the replies below.

To learn more about GSoC itself visit

The Processing Foundation Team

cc @saberkhan


Congrats on being a mentor organization once again in Google Summer of Code!
There were a few pending questions on my thread here.
Looking forward to be a contributor to this project!

Hi @ayush23dash.

Thanks for your enthusiasm! We’re finalizing project ideas and mentors, and we appreciate your interest. Please bear with us as we get everything figured out. We’ll keep you posted on our progress.


I would like to know where I can get more informations about Processing VSCode Plugin (TBD) and Update the Shader mode for Processing4?

Hi ,
Congratulation again being mentor organization for GSOC’23
Myself Mustafa azad 2nd year undergrad at IET-DAVV ,India pursuing BE in Computer Science . Currently , I am MERN Stack Developer working with technologies such as React js , Next js , mongoDB, Express js, Node js, sanity CMS , Strapi CMS, Git/Github and some more frameworks / library.

i genuinely intrested in contributing in processing organization , also i read project ideas where i want to contribute in P5.js web editor : Mobile/Responsive Design Implementation , Translation in Hindi ( Internationalization and Localization) .
Will u suggest which idea is better fit according to my tech stack and from where i start contributing .

Thank You For Reading My Message and Love to work with processing organization.


I am interested in applying as a contributor. Upon checking out the projects page, the project Mobile/Responsive Design Implementation seems really exciting. I am new to Open Source and happen to be learning/practicing the exact technologies it requires: Javascript, Responsive Web Design, and React (via this Coursera course: “Front-End Web Development with React”)

I would also be happy to do Contributor Experience Improvements since your organization’s message really appeals to me.

I would like to be considered a potential candidate and stay in touch to talk more about the projects. Is there a Slack channel I could join? Could you please suggest me ways I could start helping out from right now? Ways to contribute?

Much Thanks,
Vishisht Makkar

Hello @VIshisht-Makkar, for p5.js there is a Discord server you can join:

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I’m happy and glad to contribute in processing foundation. Also i’m interested in the projects Kotlin support (Android Mode), Game controller library (Android Mode), AR image markers (Android Mode). My tech stacks are Android Development, kotlin, java, firebase, REST. Also I learn new things by doing the different projects.
Is there any channels I could join ? Can you give me some suggestion to get started in ProcessingFoundation.
Thank You,

Hey all!
This is my first time participating in the Google Summer of Code and I was really interested in the Processing Foundation. I’d love to be a part of this open source project. In particular, a project that really got my attention was the Unity Processing Library (TBD), as I have a lot of experience with Unity. I would love to know more about this project and also about how I can become involved with the processing foundation as a whole.
Much thanks,

I’m interested in contributing to the AR image markers project and have opened this thread:
( Understanding project AR Image markers(Android Mode) ).
I’ve recently started contributing to open source and this project seems to incline with my skillset. If there are any related discord servers then please notify me.
I would be delighted to be considered a potential GSOC contributor candidate and continue to contribute to other projects once I’m done with the AR Image Markers. I’m in my junior year and this is my first time applying for GSOC, please guide me wherever you see room for improvement.
Best Regards,
P.s. @Andres, could you please go through my thread and inform me whether I am on the right track?

Congratulations again being mentor organization for GSOC’23
I am really interested in applying as a contributor and this is my first GSoC Participation .I am new to Open Source and would really Love to explore it .I’m Currently learning Javascript, Tailwind, and React (via this Udemy course: “The Complete 2023 Web Development Bootcamp”)

I would also be happy to do Contributor Experience Improvements since your organization’s really fits for me.

I would love to know more about this projects. May you share channel/Slack to join when I can discuss and contribute to an idea , can you give me some suggestion to get started in ProcessingFoundation.
Much Thanks
Vijay KV


I’m a software engineering student from Tunisia, and I’m really interested in having the GSOC under your organization.
I have a very good knowledge in Java and Python, and I’m also familiar with Spring Boot web framework using Rest APIs.

Github account: Github

Looking forward to work with you.

Hi fellow developers, I’ve recently started with Open Source contribution and am incredibly excited about GSOC. I went through the topic of AR Image Markers for Android and the related documents. I just wanted to confirm that I was on the right track. What I have understood is, that:

  1. As listed in this thread (Android AR / marker as anchor / drawing obj?) we want to add AR image markers to the processing-android repo.
  2. Just like the PlaneRenderer and Background Renderer, we want to add an Image marker feature that can detect and augment 2D images in the user’s environment, such as posters or product packaging. (As given in: Add dimension to images  |  ARCore  |  Google Developers)

What I’m doubtful about is:

  1. Whether we want to use Google Ar Core Package to implement this or develop our own from scratch.
  2. Whether we want the feature in either Java or Kotlin. Or both of them?
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Hi @Deadra , yes we need to implement AR Image Markers in processing-android project.

Yes you are on right track, we need to make AR image marker to detect and augment 2D images in the user’s environment.

You understood absolutely correct !

Regarding the AR Implementation part:

  • we are already using Google’s ARCore Lib for processing-ar library
  • processing-ar is a wrapper on top of Google’s AR Core SDK.

How to implement AR Markers in processsing-android:

  • AR is implemented as separate library inside the processing-android as processing-ar.
  • You can use the existing processing-ar lib code and add ar marker part in it.
  • You can use the ARCore SDK if its full filling our need.
  • If you want you can implement it from scratch but i wouldn’t recoomend that at this point of time as it will take much more time and debugging will also be hard for you.


In case of any query or help you can tag me here or on any processing github issue.
Aditya Rana

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I am super excited for the opportunity to contribute to the Processing Foundation! I have written a draft of my proposal. Is it too early to get our proposals reviewed?

Hello everyone! I have been contributing to Processing for a while:
Updated menu items on Environment page to match Processing 4
Improved documentation for lerpColor() function
(could fit only two links here)

I am happy to find that the Processing Foundation has been selected as a mentor organization for GSoC’23. I would love to participate as a contributor! That being said, here are the projects that I’m interested in:

p5.js: Improve Friendly Error System (FES) and documentation
Processing: Friendlier Error Messages for Processing

I would love to connect with the mentors and get some guidance on how to get started with the above projects. Thank you!

Hi @hilarie and thanks for your question. The GSoC contributor application period will begin on March 20th and conclude on April 4th. You can consult the GSoC 2023 timeline for all the dates.


Hi @CubeTures, thanks for reaching out about this particular project! This is a fairly new idea, so it’s not fully fleshed out yet. The motivation, at least in my view, is that it could be very useful to be able to use the Processing API in the Unity scripting to code up graphical elements or interactions in a Unity scenes. I imagine this should be implemented as some kind of Unity package, which internally it would need to implement the Processing API using C# and the Unity’s core rendering infrastructure. But my Unity experience is limited, so not sure how to go about doing this in terms of more specific details.

@Deadra Thanks for your interest in the AR Image Markers project idea, and @AdityaRana for providing more details. I’d only add to what Aditya has said that we would like to create a simplified API in the AR library for the Android mode (i.e.: the processing-android project) to allow users create and manage AR markers. Something similar to what we did to offer a simplified API for basic AR operations: