Processing Foundation participating in GSoC 2022

Maybe these fliers will be useful to some.


Hi, I am Aarthy, a Third computer science engineering student at KGiSL Institute of Technology, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. I have won almost 6 national and zonal level hackathons including a National Level Open source event (SLoP 2.0). I have actively participated in Hacktoberfest 2022 and completed the challenges. I currently participate in the Open Source community at my college and give tech talks regularly. I have done real-time projects based on Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. I am also experienced with Deep Learning and Data visualization. I have also assembled and executed an autonomous car using AWS DeepRacer with Reinforcement learning (ML). I have also won a national-level technical/ tutorial blog writing competition. thus, I will be able to perform well in writing tutorials by analyzing the code. I am currently working on AI/ML with Python and setting it as my career path. I am also strongly experienced with problem-solving using C, Python, and C++. I am willing to start work on the project idea ‘Py5 beginner documentation’. I want to contribute to the project with all my consistent efforts and time. I am always available to learn for the GSoC’23 under your valuable guidance. Thank you.

Kindly look at my projects and portfolio here: Aarthy R

Hello, @Aarthy15 ! Sorry for the late reply, I’ve had a lot on my plate lately. We haven’t started thinking about GSoC 2023 yet but I am encouraged by your interest in py5! The py5 beginner documentation is complete and is now live. You can find them here:

For GSoC 2023 we will come up with other initiatives to work on. Any ideas or suggestions?

Hello @hx2A!

Good to find you here :slight_smile:

We have been working on updating the Processing Foundation GSoC project list for 2023.

The py5 project list still says:

Write py5 tutorials and how-tos documentation to support creative coders new to Python and/or new to the Processing ecosystem.

Would you mind looking at the list and proposing any changes you deem necessary so we can make sure GSoC contributors know what your needs are? You can do so directly as a pull request or reply here if you prefer and I’ll make the changes.

Also would you be interested in being a mentor this year?

Raphaël de Courville
Processing Community Lead Fellow


Let me brainstorm with @tabreturn and @villares to come up with ideas for this year. I’m thinking something having to do with example code would be a good project idea? I have no idea how to package it appropriately for beginners outside of putting it in a github repo.

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Hey Jim!

The main target audience for GSoC are students and first-time Open Source contributors. We need to make sure the project is challenging enough to provide a valuable learning experience but not too complex that it can’t be finished within the program timeline. So I think your idea of example code for py5 would be a fantastic choice for GSoC!

Feel free to suggest any other project you think would be useful to py5 and a good fit for the program.

By the way, the deadline for finalizing the project list is February 22nd, so we’ll have to make sure we have everything in place before then.

Let me know if I can do anything to help.

Raphaël de Courville
Processing Community Lead Fellow

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Hey guys!
I’m super interested in contributing to Processing as part of GSoC 2023.
I found processing a few years ago and it made me fall in love with programming. I practically learnt programming with processing (java). I’ve used it extensively (still do), and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Processing Foundation is a GSoC mentoring organization!
Feels awesome to give back :sunglasses:
Bringing processing to python is such a cool idea! I really want to work on py5 (fixing issues, adding features etc).
Looking forward to working with this!

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Welcome, @procub3r ! Thank you for your interest in py5! You are encouraged to apply for this.

@sableRaph and @villares , how does the below look for a GSoC project description?

Provide py5 example code to users through the py5 Thonny Extension plugin. This project has two parts:

  • Add an interface to the Thonny extension plugin that has similar functionality as the Processing PDE’s example code interface

  • Organize and expand upon the existing py5 example code to create a comprehensive collection of example code for coders of all skill levels

This project would have two mentors, @villares and myself. The project size would be either 175 or 350 hours.

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Hi there, I went through the p5 repository and found that it could use a framework for testing. So, how about taking it as a GSoC 23 project?

Yes, that is a good idea also! We do need that, as well as all of the github actions stuff for builds. If you’d like to write up a proposal for that, we’d really appreciate it.

Sure, will do.

@sableRaph , I updated the GSoC project idea page with a suggestion for py5:

How does it look?

Looking good @hx2A! Thanks for making the update.


I have made a rough list of objectives for the project. Please give your feedback on this.

Develop and implement a framework for testing p5. The main objectives of this project are:

  • Selecting appropriate testing tools.
  • Develop a testing framework.
  • Writing test cases to cover as many functional scenarios as possible.
  • Setting up GitHub Actions for continuous integration and automated testing.

This looks good to me. We will be able to provide example code to be tested by the test framework, which will simplify things a bit.

One more thing to add though. py5 has two repos:

The code for the first repo creates the code for the second. This code generation also needs to be tested. So the test framework would “make” py5 using py5generator and then install the created py5 package and test that using automated testing.

Sure, thank you for the feedback. Also, can I know the potential mentors, size and difficulty of the project?

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I would be the mentor for this project and I would put the difficulty at Advanced and 350 hours.


Looks interesting, thanks.

Hey all,

I posted a new topic for GSoC 2023. I’ll close this thread so we can move conversations about this year’s program to the new topic. See you over there!