GSoC 2023: Join the Processing Foundation as a Summer of Code Contributor!

Thank you @sableRaph for your response! When can we post our proposal to the forums to ask for feedback? Do we have to wait until March 20?

Hello @sableRaph
I am Rajeev (Github name Dev-Code24). I wanted to know if it is possible for us contributors to get some feedback on our proposals from a mentor assigned to a particular project idea, prior to the application period of GSOC.

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Hi Aditya,
I’ve been on it since past 2 days. But sadly, it’s taken me more time to set up the right environment.
I’ve successfully built the Processing-Android, thanks to it’s super simplified Installation Guide. And have followed the steps to built Processing as well, but I’m kinda stuck. I’ve installed the Java version 1.8.0_22, as mentioned in the guide, but when I build the project it shows BUILD FAILED because I’ve Java version 17.0.5. And I can’t seem to figure out, how to tackle this. :face_holding_back_tears:
Please see the attached image:

It may be a stupid error, But please help out. :sweat_smile:

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Hi @Deadra , it’s because you are installing the required JRE version but you also have to set the environment variable for default Java home to the one you installed.

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Hi everyone! I’m excited we’re all here, and loved reading through all the replies and ideas :slight_smile: I’m new to programming, so I’m looking into the p5 beginner project. Good luck to all of us, and I hope we can make significant contributions!


Thanks for the response @Andres! After looking in to the idea for a bit, I have come up with a few questions that will help my implementation of the project.

  1. What do you mean by use the Processing API in Unity? From my understanding there is no C# version of Processing and Unity only compiles C# code. It would be possible, however, to make a new version of the API written in C# specifically designed for Unity (which I imagine as a package, like you suggested).
  2. Would the script be mainly for 2D or 3D Unity projects? The main difference is 2D uses sprites and 3D uses meshes to render the objects. It is possible to get 3D objects in a 2D scene and vice versa, but it would require a bit more effort. And might look a bit odd.

Thanks for your time!


I had a few thoughts on this that I thought I would share. Processing and Unity users might find it challenging to create 2D graphics in Unity, compared to processing. The Shapes library by Freya Holmer is a popular tool for this purpose, with a focus on Unity and but at a cost of 100 USD.

There is also a sound generation tool called ChuKUnity that includes a plugin for Unity, which may be of interest, because of how it integrates ChucK. ( Basically Processing for audio)

Additionally, Michel Michaud’s project, Net.Processing, implements Processing functions in .NET, C#, although it’s unclear if it’s compatible with Unity graphics.

Another interesting way would be to easily share the output of a Processing sketch into a Texture2D in Unity. I think I’ve seen this somewhere already.

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Hi, I am amandeep(2nd year BCA), I wanted to join gsoc how do I do that, I read the entire project list. I happed to be a freelancer in p5js and possess a good understanding of the library. , I do not know how to contact to my potential metion (Rachrl lim , most likely) and to ask If I am eligible for the task.

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Hi there my name is Ajeeth and I am an undergraduate student pursuing Computer Science at University of Delhi and I am excited to introduce myself as a potential contributor to the processing foundation community, I have a passion for open source and believe in the power of collaborative efforts to make the world a better place. My skillset includes proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Node.js, Git . I am particularly interested in the Project List · processing/processing Wiki · GitHub Asset uploading Improvement project, and my possible mentors are Rachel Lim, Austin Slominski is there any way to connect with mentors and I am hoping to participate in Google Summer of Code(GSOC) 2023 as a way to contribute my skills and knowledge to this important initiative. Thank you for considering my application, and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you all!


Thanks @AdityaRana for helping me out. I’m all set with everything finally in the right place. Will start to work on the processing-android library right away. I want to make sure that I’m apt to execute the task before putting in the application. :grin:
P.s. Should I create a new thread where I can post all my queries? Don’t want to spam my embarrassing moments in the GSOC thread. :sweat_smile:


Hi, After using Processing for a long time, I feel compelled to contribute. Currently, I am pursuing my graduate studies at HEAD Geneva and have previously worked at ECAL. My educational background is in computer science.

Although I have always been shader-curious, I am only now devoting time to learning more about them. I saw that shader-mode is broken. I’d like to try and fix that as a GSoC proposition.

I think that shader programming is an important milestone for those looking to advance their computer graphics skills, and Processing should be the ideal platform to start learning it.

I got it working under a Windows VM with Processing 3.5.4. I’m running MacOS Ventura, which doesn’t seem run Processing 3 sketches with the P3D renderer anymore.

My rough ideas of milestones would be

  • Fix shader-mode working
  • Revisit and update the PShader by @Andres tutorial page, which is currently unavailable, and incorporate additional examples and tutorials.
  • Explore live reloading, similar to how tweak mode works right now. The initial GSoC by @izzatariq seems to handle live reloading. I’m checking this in more detail.

Nice to have

  • Explore getting includes to work to enable things like lygia
  • OpenCL

After March 20th, I will submit a more comprehensive proposal on Google Docs, as was done in previous years, unless another method is preferred, such as a Github project.

I welcome any feedback or inputs you may have in the meantime.


Dear GSoC contributors,

We wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude for your interest and enthusiasm in our software projects. We appreciate the effort and dedication you’re putting into the application process.

Due to our limited team size, we may not be able to provide feedback on your proposals before the application period. However, please be assured that we will give each of your messages and proposals due consideration.

Please note that we are unable to share contact information of our mentors. Our mentors are dedicated volunteers who receive a small compensation for their valuable time and effort. We want to be mindful of their time and prioritize their work during the program itself.

We recommend expressing your interest and discussing your proposal directly on this thread. Please mention the title of the project you are interested in (see the project list) and provide a short summary of your proposal. Feel free to include any clarifying questions you may have about the project.

We will do our best to address your queries and concerns, but please understand that our team and mentors may not be able to respond to all of them due to our limited resources.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter. We value your interest in the Processing Foundation and are looking forward to receiving your proposals.

Best regards,
The Processing Foundation Team


Hi, I am amandeep singh. a 2nd year bca student who happens to learn p5js and I am a freelancer for a year now. . I am totally new to this but not p5js library. How do I find a project? mentor? how will this work. I read the project list and most likely there said my mentor could be Rachel Lim.

I’m Gokula krishnan. and I’m interested in contributing to the Web Accessibility on the P5.js project and documentation. I am super excited about the opportunity to contribute to the Processing Foundation.
I’ve recently started contributing to open source and this project seems to incline with my skillset.
I would be delighted to be considered a potential GSOC contributor. I’m in my second year and this is my first time applying for GSOC, please guide me wherever you see room for improvement.

*My Intuition to this Project is…

  1. I will make it accessible to as many people as possible, including those who are blind or have low vision, deaf or hard of hearing, physical disabilities, cognitive impairments, or other disabilities.
  2. I will improve the UI that makes it user-friendliness.
  3. I will improve the functionalities and the UX.
  4. I will improve and add the documents.

Mr. Claire Kearney-Volpe and Mr. Caleb Foss, could you please tell me about am I understanding the project correctly? and share some resources with me to collect in-depth knowledge about this project.

Hi folks,

I hope you all are doing well.
I am Mahir Anand and I am currently a sophomore majoring in CS and based in Orange County, California. I am glad that Processing Foundation is selected for the Google Summer of Code program this year. I went through all suggested ideas and I feel confident that I can contribute to P5.js and close many high priority issues during the program. I would be happy to keep working on the remaining issues after the program comes to an end. Furthermore, since I also have relevant experience with UI/UX design and responsive web development, I was wondering if I could make some cross-project contributions to P5.js Web Editor?


Hi Gokulakrishnan,

Your ideas seem to align with mine. If the mentors think it’s a good idea, maybe we could collaborate and come up with design prototypes and work on the documentation together?

Let me know your thoughts and we can make a proposal to the mentors.


Yes. I am ready to work together.

Hi @sableRaph.

First, very very congratulation on being a mentor organization once again GSOC’2023.
I am interested in applying as a contributor. And I am interested in the project Web Accessibility on and documentation. As I already used this library. So, I have better understanding of this. Can you please guide me, how to get started.

I’m Shyam Sunder, 4th year undergrad at BITS Pilani Goa Campus, I have learned to code by stumbling over khan academy’s processing drawing course. It will be a great opportunity to contribute to this community.

I have good python experience working for a fintech startup last two semesters, so I believe that I can do good contributions to py5. I have read the idea Processing for Python 3.8+ with JPype (py5) on the list and have a few clarifying questions for @villares and @hx2A -

  1. Rewriting examples in python, and exhausting the existing examples list available for the Processing PDE is one of the expected outcomes.

  2. Make these examples available through the plugin for the Thonny IDE is the other outcome.

am I correct about this?
Can you help me with what I can highlight in my proposal to contribute to this project.

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Also, can you direct me to some good first issues for the repos involved so I can gain familiarity over the codebase

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