Please Introduce Yourself

Hello and welcome! Please share something about yourself. Who are you and why are you here? This is a tradition going back to the first Processing forum in 2002.


Hello, I’m Casey REAS. I’m an artist, educator, and co-founder of the Processing project with Ben Fry in 2001. I still work on Processing or the Processing Foundation nearly every day. I’m a professor in the Department of Design Media Arts at UCLA, where I’m also a part of the Conditional Studio. My work is documented at


Hey, I’m Florian Jenett. I think I started using Processing somewhere around version 0.54 alpha when I was looking for a way to do graphical programming without having to wrestle with Java or C++ directly. I spent many hours (years?) on the various stages of the Processing forum. Helping other people there was the best way to learn the language. That led to me starting to teach Processing in 2007 at Hochschule Mainz where i’m now a professor for media informatics in the design department. My artistic work is documented here and some of my code is here.


Hi, I’m Jeremy Douglass. I am an (Assistant) Associate Professor of Digital Humanities at the Department of English at UC Santa Barbara, where I work on narrative in electronic literature, games, and comics, and on DH methodologies for software studies, platform studies, and critical code studies.

I first joined an earlier Processing forum sometime around 2004-5 while developing my own electronic literature projects in Processing. While I visited on and off over the years, I became more heavily involved in a previous forum mid-2016 while educating myself for more ambitious projects, and I went on to contribute thousands of responses to forum questions. In 2017 I served as a Processing Foundation mentor for a Google Summer of Code project (Processing.R, by Ce Gao). I currently deploy cross-platform tools to my research assistant teams in Java or Python using the corresponding Processing modes. When I use Processing I currently focus on the desktop and work mainly in Java 2D graphics and in data processing that integrates external tools and libraries.


Hello. My name is Jithin KS. I’m an undergraduate computer science and engineering student from India. I’m deeply indebted to processing for I would have never loved coding without it. I’m a GSoC participant for this year and working on a project which makes use of interactive simulations and animations for teaching science and math subjects. Looking forward to get to know all of the amazing people of Professing foundation through this forum.

PS - The new forum is aweeesommee!!!


Hello, I’m CMB. I’m a last-year nanotechnology engineering student. I also work as an AV technician part time. My hobbies include light and laser shows, and making music. I’ve started using Processing somewhere in 2013 as a beginner in programming, except from an introductory Java class. The Processing forum was so kind to help me out with some problems I was facing and in return I sometimes try to help others.

Processing allows me to make custom solutions that combine these things. I’ve written sketches that process MIDI signals from my keyboard and send commands to my laser program based on real time input. This generates a laser show perfectly synchronised with what I’m playing.
I’ve written a (non-realtime) node based editor for the creation or modification of laser art files. It works for its purpose, but is in urgent need of a complete rewrite to get it in an usable state for a live environment.
I’ve done a theatrical project with individually addressable LED strips, controlled by a Processing sketch running on several Raspberry Pis on stage, controlled by a main sketch on my laptop.
My most recent project was a (very hacky) sketch that displays SMS messages on a laser projector. It “works” but requires more time and effort to “work work”.
So much to do, so little time…

New forum looking good, but I’m missing some features such as active discussions, unread topics, unanswered posts, category overview, … but the minimalistic design is easier on the eyes.


Hello, I am Gottfried Haider. I am from Vienna but currently live in Los Angeles. I got into Processing and its use in education being a graduate student of @REAS at UCLA’s Design Media Arts department at UCLA (ca. 2011-13). My contributions to Processing were a revamped Serial library (with support for 64-bit systems) in 2013, as well as porting Processing to ARM systems such as the Raspberry Pi in 2015 - both done as part of GSoC. (Feel free to send related bugs my way!)

I enjoy teaching with Processing, and making artwork, some of which is documented here.


Hi, I’m Peter Lager, I was a lecturer in computer programming (now retired) and live in the UK. I joined the Processing Forum in December 2008 and since then have created over 10 libraries and tools for Processing.


Hi! I’m Aarón, I graduated from NYU ITP and the main project I work on is the Spanish version of the p5.js website and the Spanish translation of the p5.js book, so excited about this forum!


Hello! I am Daniel Shiffman and have been working with Processing since 2003! I teach full-time at ITP in New York and also make tutorials on YouTube. Yay for the new forum!


Hi everyone! I’m a writer, editor, and curator. I serve as the program manager for Processing Foundation and I’m one of the forum admins for the Processing Forum. I’m also a PhD student in Film and Digital Media the UC Santa Cruz with a designated emphasis in computational media.



I am iLiquid, a teen Java developer. I really like the simplicity and ease of use of Processing, and that’s why I use it to make my programs. I started using the language about a year ago, version 3.2.4.

I am interested in making bigger apps than just simple sketches and ‘nice graphical eye candy’, currently I am working on a modular logic gate simulator (repo).


Hello! I’m Kate. I’ve been working with Processing for my interactive and visual work since 2004 or so (portfolio here). Lately, I’ve been contributing to p5.js and teaching creative programming classes at universities in Los Angeles. Later this summer I’ll be moving to Chicago—excited to hear from anyone who may be in the area.

The new forums look great. Thanks for making this happen!


Hi, I’m Nicolas from France. I’m now in a engineer school in alternance (Company / School).
I work with Processing for my pleasure, to make some electronic devise ! I really like processing for the easy combination between a informatic interface and the electronic card like Arduino.


Hi there!

I’m Elgin-Skye, a graduate student at the School of Interactive Arts & Technology in beautiful Vancouver Canada. I have a background in the arts and learned to code using Processing. I’m excited to be working on a new hello.p5js website as part of Google Summer of Code.

Congrats on the new forum :tada::tada::tada: It looks really good!


Hi I’m Lauren :no_mouth: I lead the p5.js project and teach at UCLA Design Media Arts. I am excited about this new forum adventure.


Hello! I’m Ali. I’m an architect and I’ve been using Processing since 2010 (college). I’ve been keeping a healthy daily streak playing catch up with some of the new topics and ideas presented by Shiffman’s Codingtrain channel, posting processing gifs on the side, and developing personal projects. Loving the new forums. :slight_smile:


Hi friends, I’m Lee. I’m an artist and I teach with with Processing/P5. I learned to program with Processing and it’s opened many worlds for me. I stay involved with Processing because of the friendly community and because it continues to be a powerful, flexible (family of) language(s) for me to work and express myself in. I like participating in something that is welcoming and beginner-friendly but also can be used to take on many kinds of tasks, works and approaches to expressing one’s self in software.


Howdy Processing Community! I’m Matthew and I use processing to make widgets. Cut my programming teeth on Java during college, picked up Applescript as a way to extend the functionality of QLab, and found processing most recently about 4 years ago.


Hi. I’m a professor of Psychology at USF St. Petersburg. Very interested in p5.js for a cognitive study on rhythm and tempo perception. I have some experience programming in javascript, but not a ton. The phrase, part, and song functions in the p5.sound library seem perfect for what I’m interested in. If anyone out there is interested in working with me on this, or just has experience with p5.js, please let me know.