Contribution to the Teach Page

Hi @yinhwa
I am Ayush Shankar.
For the technical domain, I have worked on ReactJs, NodeJs, MongoDb, C#-DotNet, AWS and i am well versed with Git and Github/Gitlab.
I have interned at various places in FrontEnd, BackEnd and currently working as an Associate Software Engineer at WeatherBug.
I am interested in working further on the Teach Page, and would love to have your guidance on how could I proceed further for the same during Summer of Code 2023.
I could help in translation to Hindi for the Page if required.
Thanks a lot in advance,

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Hello @ayush23dash,

Thank you for reaching out. I would recommend checking out the Processing Foundation’s GSoC project list and considering making a contribution to one of the projects listed there. If you find something that interests you, you can start by making a project draft and sharing it with the relevant mentors or Project Leads.

It is also great to hear that you are interested in contributing to the Teach Page and can offer Hindi translation. This is actually one of the priorities of the p5.js Project.

Best of luck with your GSoC application!

Raphaël de Courville
Processing Community Lead Fellow


Hi @ayush23dash thank you for your interest & this post!

The goal of /teach page this year is in WIP, and I’ll get back to this post once is finalized.

Thank you!

Hi @sableRaph @yinhwa
I went through the documentation present here.
I believe that the work that is required is my forte since I have also worked on templating languages like EJS and static site generators like Hugo before.
I would love to work on this project for translation to Hindi.

I had a few questions :

  1. What would be the expectations of the project except the Translation part?(DOM Manipulation is one thing that is in my mind). I would love to know about other expectations.
  2. Can Internationalization Improvements and Continued Development of Teach Page Projects be clubbed into a one large project or they should be treated differently only?
  3. What should be my approach from here - Should I wait for the goals to be finalized?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @sableRaph
I revisited the Project List Page and saw that this project is of Low Priority as of now.
I came across this one project Improve FES, which includes Resolving Issues and Fixing Bugs and adding new FES Features(which also includes addition of a new language).

I know that you guys are pretty packed up on time, and hence don’t want to bother you guys for much of your time, I just wanted a way forward to the project that I could undertake and thereby propose my ideas for the same.
It would be nice if I could get a small zoom/google meet(not large maybe just 15-20 minutes call) so that I can discuss the project and the idea with you and the mentor for the project(I could not find the user id for the mentor of the project😅).

It would be really nice if I could get just a small chunk of your time so that I can plan properly and nicely for the project!

Thanks and Regards,

Hi @ayush23dash and thanks for your interest in the FES project! I’ll ping @qianqian_ye who is the project lead for p5.js.

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Thanks @sableRaph , I will be waiting for your’s and @qianqian_ye’s response after you ping her.
Looking forward to a small meet, so that I can decide on the further approach towards this project.

Thanks @ayush23dash for your interests in working on the p5.js FES project. I will recommend you to take a look at 1. the open issues labeled with Friendly Errors, and 2. FES contributor doc to get familar with current state of FES. Then you can choose several (eg.5-10) open issues and package them together as a GSoC proposal. Please feel free to post your questions here if you need any clarification while you are working on your proposal. Thank you!

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hello @sableRaph @yinhwa

Project Proposal: Web Accessibility on and Documentation

Introduction: I am interested in contributing to the p5.js project and community’s push for accessibility. Web accessibility is important to ensure that everyone, including those with disabilities, can access and use the web. In this project, I will be working on updating the tutorials, documentation, and learn examples to improve their accessibility.

Objectives: The main objective of this project is to improve the accessibility of by:

  1. Adapting the documentation to use p5.js core accessibility functions
  2. Revising the accessibility of tutorials and learn examples on the p5 website
  3. Writing new tutorials and learn examples with accessibility in mind
  4. Testing, refining, and documenting the new alt-text features
  5. Conducting an accessibility audit of the p5 website to identify areas for improvement

Skills Required: I am proficient in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, which are the primary languages used in web development. I also possess strong communication skills, which will enable me to work effectively with the p5 community and mentors.

Expected Size of Project: I am willing to commit either 175 or 350 hours to this project, depending on the project’s size and the mentor’s recommendation.

Difficulty Level: As a web developer with intermediate-level skills, I believe this project is suitable for me. The project’s difficulty level is beginner to intermediate, and I am confident that I can contribute meaningfully to the project.

Mentors: I would be thrilled to work with any of the following mentors: Claire Kearney-Volpe, Caleb Foss, Paula Isabel Signo, and TBD.

Conclusion: Web accessibility is an important aspect of web development, and I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to the p5.js project and community’s push for accessibility. I am confident that I possess the necessary skills and motivation to complete this project successfully

Hi @qianqian_ye @sableRaph
Currently working on my proposal for FES,
I would be submitting the same in about a week over here for review.
Would love to have your comments and suggestions on that!
Thanks in advance,

I am just done with my proposal for Friendly Error System, a few final things are left, I will be submitting the proposal by the end of 2nd April (IST) over here for some comments and suggestions from you @sableRaph @qianqian_ye
Also, I got a bit late for submitting the same, apologies for that as well.

I have attached my proposal for FES over here : GSoC 2023: Join the Processing Foundation as a Summer of Code Contributor! - #147 by ayush23dash