Exported my program in Processing 4, but it won't work on Raspberry 4

Exporting the program on Processing 3 works, I was hoping to use Processing 4 instead as my program had some issues on the Raspberry where it didn’t use any system resources and it was very laggy.

Hi @Piipperi – sorry you didn’t get a response, and I hope that you found an answer to your problem.

If you are still looking, you may need to provide our Pi forum members more details than “it won’t work” – what platform / hardware / version, and what test code, for example, and what exactly isn’t working w/system resources and lag – maybe logs etc. best, Jeremy

I open it the program in Terminal, it closes instantly.
I dug thru some docs and found out that Processing 4 doesn’t support ARM anymore for whatever reason

Processing 4 doesn’t have a current release for it – possibly related discussion on jdk builds for ARM here –