I am a n00b and trying to run processing on a pi 400 xubuntu/arm64

Hi all,

I am having a devil of a job getting processing to run on the pi 400, it ran fine on my pi 4 (4GB) which i no longer have, both run arm64/xubuntu Ive tried both install options for pi (curl and tarball).

the curl install of 3.3.3? gives me the java error message of " Exception in thread “AWT-EventQueue-0” java.awt.HeadlessException", which having searched gives me the information that , ‘java is running as if there is no monitor connected’, can i change this?

i’d rather use the updated version of processing, as i would guess there are less bugs and improvements etc but installing from the 3.5.3 tarball gives me -Djava.ext.dirs=/home/foo/processing-3.5.3/java/lib/ext is not supported. Use -classpath instead.

</dons_tin hat> Arduino provides a similar install which runs fine, but am at a total loss now considering processing ran fine on my old pi 4

Any help would be much appreciated

cheers all


I have successfully installed and run the development version of processing-4.0 on RaspberryPI4 with manjaro Arm OS see Processing in style with Java 11 but you will need to copy me and use locally installed java (because the distributed jdk is x86_64 not aarch64 as required).

Monkstone, this is much appreciated

will test it now.




You have my thanks!, works a treat

@porphiron Latest processing version is now supported on Latest processing version - support is back for Raspberry Pi released just a week back. However it’s only released on on GitHub as of yet.

Thanks @monkstone for highlighting this up !

@porphiron How noob are you to linux in general, and processing? Because if things work out of box great, but if you need documentation or minor fixes then you face problems because documentation is all based on an earlier release, on 32 bit buster (or previous) and may not be applicable…
@SuyashN @hooef @robertesler For all followers of this thread this is a great video to watch Raspberry Pi OS (Legacy) & Bullseye Camera Support - YouTube