I am a n00b and trying to run processing on a pi 400 xubuntu/arm64

Hi all,

I am having a devil of a job getting processing to run on the pi 400, it ran fine on my pi 4 (4GB) which i no longer have, both run arm64/xubuntu Ive tried both install options for pi (curl and tarball).

the curl install of 3.3.3? gives me the java error message of " Exception in thread “AWT-EventQueue-0” java.awt.HeadlessException", which having searched gives me the information that , ‘java is running as if there is no monitor connected’, can i change this?

i’d rather use the updated version of processing, as i would guess there are less bugs and improvements etc but installing from the 3.5.3 tarball gives me -Djava.ext.dirs=/home/foo/processing-3.5.3/java/lib/ext is not supported. Use -classpath instead.

</dons_tin hat> Arduino provides a similar install which runs fine, but am at a total loss now considering processing ran fine on my old pi 4

Any help would be much appreciated

cheers all


I have successfully installed and run the development version of processing-4.0 on RaspberryPI4 with manjaro Arm OS see Processing in style with Java 11 but you will need to copy me and use locally installed java (because the distributed jdk is x86_64 not aarch64 as required).

Monkstone, this is much appreciated

will test it now.




You have my thanks!, works a treat