P4 on Pi4 (is not a joke)

Hi, I’m trying the last alpha release on raspberry pi 4.
I’ve got this error in bash shell :

./processing: 117 java: Exec format error

There is a solution ? Google give me nothing interesting.

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Must I install a jdk or jre ? Apt install propose me :
default-jre 2.11
open-jdk-16-jre-headless (and number 8, 11, 13, 14)

There isn’t a release for P4 on Pi4, there is no official support for 32bit or 64bit arm architecture. I have got earlier versions (Sam Pottinger releases to work on both by installing an appropriate jdk). See Processing in style with Java 11 - #39 by villares, you will probably find that Ben Fry releases won’t work, because it expects to use a pre-installed jdk but you could give it a try. Meanwhile my ruby-processing implementation PiCrate for RaspberryPI4 works fine (I prefer to use ManjaroArm Linux 64 bit OS, but also works with RaspberryPI OS).

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If you are brave, fearless and into python you should give py5 a try. I have installed it on ManjaroArm on my RaspberryPi4 and it works a treat. You could use geany or thonny as your ide, learning curve might be a bit steep though.


Thanks for answer,
Finally I install Manjaro, Processing 3.5.3 and openjdk8.
For me it’s enough.

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For folks that are interested see processing4
Platform.java. An enthusiast might create a workaround, because PiCrate works fine. I’m not sure javafx is available for arm though.

It certainly is - see eg. Gluon Update, Dual Screen Raspberry Pi , IntelliJ JavaFX Project Wizard

There used to be some bundled Arm JDKs - eg. Liberica - but can’t find it on their site (easily). Still, should be easy enough to build an Arm runtime including JavaFX modules.

Frank Delporte’s posts on foojay (friends of OpenJDK) are well worth reading - foojay – a place for friends of OpenJDK

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