Unregcognized app bt Windows when export to application

How to fix Unregcognized app bt Windows when export to application issue?
There’s also unknown publisher when starting app.

Thanks in advance.

I know just press More info and run it but some user dont know this I want application look trust worthy.

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we know there are problems that the windows defender deleted files
from the processing installation,
but that is not the case here?

if the user is just asked if it should run your app
i think that is OK.

if there would be a way by processing to make YOUR app trust worthy
-a- how could processing foundation guaranty for YOUR app?
-b- MS would fight processing and banish it from windows

if you want develop programs that run under MS windows,
you have to play by their rules.

** but you could deliver your program ++ processing ++ free linux
on a USB stick, the user can boot from,
and also learn what they miss using only MS windows


Here is some more information

Not a Windows user, but according to these links the barriers are high – you need to sign the application, and in some cases in addition you must have a high number of installs. If a person marks your signing certificate as trusted then all applications you sign will be trusted by their system – so if you are installing in an organization and control the computers that might be one way.

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