Distribute for Mac?

I wrote an App for distribution to students. With both windows and Macs the OS’s grumble it’s not a signed application I believe. With Windows this can be bypassed, but I i can’t seem to bypass with OSX. Is there a way around this without registering/paying for app signing?



The exact steps depend on the macOS version the students are using. One way is to right click on the application / control + click “Run”, then authorize the popup.

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Thanks. It was a bit more involved. Catalina first turns the Exe into a text doc which you need to use the Unix terminal to do a chmod on, then change it’s security and privacy settings. Whew!

Thanks so much fo following up @martinh – do you have instructions that you have to your students that you would be willing to share here?

I need to make a video clip to explain it, but here’s the basics:

  • move it out of downloads
  • for the app, “Right-Click” and Show Package Contents
    — open the MacOS folder, find your exe file (will be listed as a text)
  • Open a terminal window
    — enter chmod +x
    — drag the exe file name to after the chmod +x
    — hit enter. The file should now be listed as Exe
  • open the app
  • when the warning pops up, hit the ? In that window. A help file will open
    — use the link in the help file to open the privacy and security window.
    — in that window, click the key at bottom to “log in” for it.
    — give the Ok for apps to run from the downloaded site.
  • start the App. It’ll ask one more time if it’s ok to run, then it should be fine.

I’ll link to the YouTube video when I make it soon!! Should have just done that instead :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Here’s a video link on how to set the app and security to allow operations on a Processing App downloaded to a Mac (Catalina) to run.

Hope it helps!

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