Trojan detected in Processing 2.2.1 Win x64

Hi all,

I did some trawling through forums about this, and saw that Windows Defender has been noted as detecting a false-positive for a trojan, but there was no mention of version 2.2.1. I proceeded to download and install it, whitelisting the download.

Soon after (within ~1 day), I was notified that my Microsoft Outlook account had been compromised, as had my eBay account. I’m pretty security conscious online, so was very surprised to find this. Installing this application was the only thing I could think of that may have caused it. I’m going to scan with Malware Bytes tonight, but I wanted to notify you as well, so that hopefully you could check on your end.



You could also try uploading your download to and seeing if any engines flag it.

@lynchpin – Hope you are well and that your accounts are secure again.

Ddid you ever get results back from scanning the download with Malware Bytes or uploading to virustotal? Anything to report?

Hi Jeremy, I did find a nasty on my machine with Malware Bytes. I’ll check my logs when I get home tonight and report back which one it was. I didn’t re-download the package to scan with the option Neil mentioned, as I didn’t want to risk re-infection. I’ll post back!

Adware.Elex.Shrt.Cln & PUP.Optional.Conduit

Hope that helps!

Thanks, but I’m not certain what that means – does that mean that you scanned your zip download of Processing with ____ (some software) and those are the things ( Adware.Elex.Shrt.Cln, PUP.Optional.Conduit ) that your scanner thought might be in it? If so, what software did you use, and where did you get the download?

Because Processing is compiled from open source these things are generally accidental false positives from specific scanners, but I haven’t seen that one before. If it is a new result we should report it as an issue – we may want to let the scanner know so they can correct the false positive if it is one.

If you are just listing the scan of what your system got, but not a scan of Processing specifically, keep in mind this may just be a coincidence…