Latest Processing for Windows Reporting Virus


Hate that this is my first post but when attempting to download the latest Windows version of Processing it is getting stopped by Windows Defender for…


I am unsure if this is a legitimate threat or if it is a Java include that is being misidentified. I am using the link on the main page for both Window32 and Windows64 bit version.


Here is the complete details from windows defender…

containerfile: C:\Users\user\Downloads\

file: C:\Users\user\Downloads\>processing-3.4/modes/java/libraries/pdf/>src/core/com/lowagie/text/pdf/

file: C:\Users\user\Downloads\>processing-3.4/modes/java/libraries/pdf/>src/rtf/com/lowagie/text/rtf/text/

webfile: C:\Users\user\Downloads\|


Confirmed. I am getting the same virus messages when trying to download the Windows files. I am currently unable to install Processing (same as anyone else that tries).


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You could try submitting to or similar. Last time this came up it was a false positive related to JOGL IIRC. Also see and related links.