SpaceShooter game


Here is my second attempt to make a game with P5js (my first was a classic Pong game)
This is an another old style game. Work in progress…

Many ideas waiting for code

SP-1 SP-2

My repo, Github, for those who want to try it

Edit :
Direct link : SpaceShooter


if you download the repository and launch the index it never loads due to CORS. i’m not sure what the intended method of play is but i would think what i did would be it. perhaps it would be good to put a version up on for people to play.

edit: btw the screenshots look cool.


Good idea editor.p5js

Here it’s : SpaceShooter // Edit : old version, out of date…

The space ship sprites came from


I like it, really cool game !

Bravo ! =)

Merci beaucoup :wink:
I still have a lot of ideas to implement (boss, life bonus, weapon bonus, some level more…)

Sorry I hit the wrong butten. but i have to take look

The game has evolved (boss/ effect/ new level, special weapon). here is the new location : SpaceShooter


This is great. Really impressive work.

Two suggestions –

  1. don’t pause and clear the screen for the boss, just display some text on the live screen, then bring the boss on.
  2. make power-ups spawn at random from the death locations of enemies. This creates an extra motivation to shoot rather than just dodge.

Good ideas ! Thanks !

Edit :
Your second idea is now online :wink:

and your first idea too !
I think I have to adjust the difficulty a bit. it seems a bit difficult…