My multiplayer .io game made with p5.js

Hello everyone I recently started to build another game with p5.js and I wanted to share my progress with you here

I will be posting to this thread as the the progresses (If I don’t forget to do so…)

Here is the link to the game:

What is this game:

Eventually the goal of the game will be to eliminate all other teams There are 4 teams (Red, Blue, Green, Dark) every team has their own castle or base however you want to call it. Every team has a max people of 5 in it if there aren’t enough players online well it will try to distribute them evenly

You are controlling a tank and you can attack other players or their castles you control it by moving the mouse across the screen and shoot by LMB.

If you were to open the game right now you will see that there is just a black background and just a tank that just appears to be turning well it is actually moving it doesn’t seem like it because of the background (which will change very soon I promise)

I also am going to add upgrades to the tanks very shortly you can see the upgraded tanks if you check the asset folder with chrome debugger.

So yeah thats it for now let me know what i can use to get upgrades (coins gathering resources etc…)

LMK if there are any bugs

and feel free to ask any questions about client/server side of the code or anything about this project

Thanks! :smile: