Blob's Attack - Another Asteroïd Like Game


I did a little game to better understand the use of vectors and how to implement the laws of movement of physics.
Unlike the last time, I did not use any bitmap sprites but only p5js 2Dshape primitives.

The more I use p5, the more fun I have. A big thanks to Dan Shiffman for all his video tutorials … (finally someone who makes the coding fun).


Thanks for sharing! Great project, and glad you are also having fun.

One suggestion. Your game subtitle says:

“How long will you survive?”

But the game doesn’t display a timer – only a hit score.

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nice and smooth, pleasing coding example

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Indeed, I’m looking for another subtitle…
Any idea ? :innocent:

Hey there!
Suggestions for the subtitle: How many asteroids can you shoot down before they destroy earth? or
Your the last hope humanity has… Destroy as many asteroids as possible… or Asteroids are approaching you fast ! Destroy as many as you can !

Thanks !
I’ve updated the subtitle