I made a space fighting game

hey guys i recently started to work with p5
i made a small space fighting game and its online likle agar.io

i was hoping you could check it out



Nice game!

I can see that your are still improving it :slight_smile:

I would add a charge shot. The more you hold the mouse the bigger the laser shot is. Of course you would use more energy.

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Thanks for the suggestion I will look into it :smiley:

Great! looking forward to that :slight_smile:

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Hey this is really cool! Good job! How were you able to get online play working?

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Nice work ! The only problem is that the spaceship is too slow, but it’s very good.

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With using the socket.io library it is really useful except It uses TCP instead of UDP which slows things a bit

Thank you your feedback is appreciated :smiley:

I just released the version where you can do exactly that it may take some time to update tho

Cool :slight_smile:

Now it would be great to get some visual feedback:

  • When you press the mouse you see the power slider going down (so you know how powerful your shot is)
  • The more powerful the shot is the bigger the ball appears

Also I noticed that when you put the mouse on your ship it instantly stops. It would be great if it wasn’t that harsh!

Thanks for the feedback I will look into it I actually thought of power bar but I didn’t have the time :smiley: