[SOLVED] Cannot open Processing - "No sketchbook" error

Hi everyone,

I’m brand new to Processing and am really excited to get stuck in, however I’ve fallen at the first hurdle!

I’ve downloaded v3.4 for MacOS, extracted the zip and have moved the application to the Applications folder. However, when trying to open the software, I get the error “Problem while trying to get the sketchbook” with the title “No sketchbook”.

Having looked through the troubleshooting, I have found the Processing folder within the Library folder, but I cannot see any file/folder called ‘sketchbook’ in here that I could try deleting.

Any ideas?!

Many thanks

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Hi, thanks for your response. I notice you deleted your post, but I’ve tried deleting the Preferences file, restarting, etc etc with no success!

That post was mentioning how there were 2 other posts with the same name, and one of them had “deleting preferences solved it” appended to its title, but then noticed that that post with that appended solution was for a completely different problem, invalidating my comment in both ways. .-.

On another relaunch, did it re-generate the preferences.txt file? If so, look if there’s a line that starts with this:
sketchbook.path.three=... where ... is a path to some folder.
If that line is there, try (deleting and) creating the folder that is on this exact path. If not, then add it at the end of the file, pointing to an existing folder you have full permissions for.

That preferences.txt file, at least on Linux, is located in /home/(username)/.processing/.

Hi again, thank you! Problem solved!

So it appears that my original preferences.txt file did not have the sketchbook path line at all. Once I added this in, I was able to point it to a folder I created and everything booted up as normal.

Thank you!

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yo tengo el mismo problema pero no veo por ningun lado el archivo preferencias.txt para intentar solucionar como tu lo hiciste