Processing error: Problem while trying to get the sketchbook

I’ve been trying to install Processing recently and I’ve been having some trouble.
Every time I extract Processing and run “processing.exe”. I get an error saying " Problem while trying to get the sketchbook".
I looked under Documents and I couldn’t find any folder with preferences.txt.
I re-downloaded and downloaded a older version and it still says No sketchbook.
I rebooted and it still happens.
Can someone please help on this issue?
Many thanks.

I had the same problem when I ran the program on my laptop (windows 10). and I’ve tried to find the reason for a while, but I couldn’t.
So, instead of solving the issue, I tried the previous 3.4 version and it works for me now.
You can try old one if the version doesn’t really matter to you until you fix the problem

It still says No Sketchbook.