My Mac said Processing can not access the sketch book. What should I do to fix it?

I try to use my Mac to open processing. However, it said that it can not access the sketch book. I follow the procedure that it said for many times. Still, I can not open it. I really need help with it. What should I do?

Intel chip or M1/M2?

Do you have installed in Applications folder?

Do you have a folder named Processing inside of Documents folder?

In Preferences is your sketchbook folder set to /User/yourName/Documents/Processing?

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It’s a 1.4 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5 and I do have installed in my application folder. I have a folder named processing inside my documents folder. But, may I ask where can I find the sketchbook folder?

If there’s anyone who can help me, please suggest some advices
I really need it to use for school project
Thank you so much

When you save a Processing4 file it creates a folder inside the Processing folder with the name of your file. Each sketch is a folder inside of the Processing folder. I have used Processing for a few years with a mac and have never seen the error message which you posted. Nonetheless I would do what it says. Do you know how to use Terminal? It’s icon looks like a tv set and it’s inside of the Applications/Utilities folder as the message states. It is a very handy app and personally I would drag it to your Dock so that you have ready access to it whenever it is needed. We will get your app running so keep providing feedback on this thread.

When you right click on your Documents folder and select ‘Get Info’ at the bottom you should see Sharing & Permissions. If you expand this you should see something like what is show below. Make sure that it says Read & Write for your permissions.

Oh ok, let me try this method. Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it.