Run causes software to freeze

Hi all,

We have added this software to our school environment for student and staff to access on Windows 10.
This is for guests to introduce coding to some of our students.
They’ve advised that opening the software and clicking Run should open a small Window (to test if it works).

This test works for our staff but not for out students. Bare in mind staff and student have different restrictions to the network, internet, computers etc. We can’t see to find anything being blocked on our firewall/ proxy and access to the software itself is same for staff and students. The only difference I can see is that students cannot open the Sketchbook or Preferences documents as both exist on the local C: Drive of the computer. Staff can access this but students can’t.

What access do users need to be able to Run this successfully.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi, have you i tried, in the student system, to allow access to sketch folder?


We’ve given this a try but it still freezes for students when clicking Run.
Strangely, version 2.2.1 works fine, and this problem only happens with 3.4 and 3.5.3

Anyone know if there are any ports the software uses or any other ideas we could try?

Thanks in advance.

if the windows drive is restricted for the students,
a admin could change the processing preferences to a sketchbook on a USB stick,
so the students could take their work home…

but if the compiler need access to some processing folders in write mode ( compile class files… )
or creates other temporary files
these must be opened for the students access level!

for a test you could copy the whole processing (unzip) to a USB stick
and check if it runs.
also looks like you should bring a box of ?beer? for your network it-manager…