Processing locking up

Hi firstly love Processing, just starting to get back into coding after 30 years (yep 30!!). Just started to have problems with P3 and P4 locking up my laptop (does the same on a second laptop now too).

Been using Processing 3 for a month now with no problems, downloaded Processing 4 last week and a few days ago it started to lock-up - locking up my laptop completely only option was a restart. Laptop runs other apps fine, but after i go into P3 or P4 it locks up (sometimes after just a few seconds, other times it might be an hour). Happens with different sketches, sometimes i havent even edited or run a working sketch. Tried re-installing P3 and P4 to no avail. Im running Windows 10 on both laptops. Any ideas really appreciated.

Below is a screenshot when I start in safe-mode and open Processing 3.5.4.

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Did you change the sketchbook path? I had such an error once when I put my sketchbook in an external storage.

Hi @MarkC, I have W10 laptop with P3 and P4 installed, no problems like that. Is the stack the same every time? There’s mention of network in there. Suggest in Preferences, turn off ‘Allow Update Checking’ just to remove one small action.

I did change the path & i think that is the cause, i have tried deleting the folders and reinstalling but i think there must be some hidden files left behind

Cheers - tried turning off all network but still get the issue.