Review of Proposal

Hi! Here is the link to my proposal. Any feedback and suggestions are welcome.

@limzykenneth Please share your views.

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Hi @codengame, thanks for sharing your draft with us! Can you please enable comments on your Google doc? I’d like to embed some comments directly. Thanks!

And for reference, the current showcase page lives here:


@kjhollen Hi. I have enabled comments now. I am aware of the Showcase Page and have also read the article by Ashley Kang about her experience of developing the page, I am going to start working on that. I have just shown an example of transitions on the Home Page to demonstrate what type of changes can be made to several pages of the Website. Thanks!

@kjhollen Please have a look at this. I plan to deploy similar changes for the whole website wherever it seems applicable.

Various other elements of the Showcase page can also be modified.

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Hi! Feel free to comment on the proposal whenever you’re free.

@lmccart @kjhollen I would love to hear about further suggestions and changes required in my proposal. Please give it a read. I plan to deploy accessibility and design changes throughout the website in three iterations and also to design the Showcase page.

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Hi @codengame, I’ve left some comments inline in your document. I suggest addressing issues of accessibility and inclusion more directly in your proposal. How would you like to improve access? Who would you like to see represented in the showcase and how would you invite them to contribute?