Review of Proposal for GSoC'20 - p5-Editor/p5-Showcase

I had submitted my draft proposals on the GSoC website last week and didn’t get a response there yet. I am sorry I didn’t know I could post them here. I am aiming to try on for 2 projects in the Processing Foundation. I’d be really grateful if someone could review my proposals. Thank You!

p5.js Showcase : [here]
p5.js Web editor responsiveness : [here]

@kjhollen Please review!
Sorry if I am late.

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@elit-altum Thank you for such a detailed and well thought out proposal! My main feedback is to consider the visual design of the showcase homepage. I think we had actually tried out the idea of tags, but ended up removing them because it began to feel like a lot to take in visually. If you do add data visualization and tags, I’d encourage you to think about how you can do this in a way that doesn’t overwhelm. I don’t have access to open the web editor proposal.


Thanks a lot for this @lmccart I’ll work on it!
I am sorry regarding the web editor proposal. I just corrected the sharing access.
Please review!
Thank You

The web editor proposal and timeline looks good. I am not familiar with the codebase so I can’t offer very in-depth feedback.

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Thank you for that review @lmccart. Is there anyway I can reach @cassie ? I have tried contacting on email but didn’t get a response.

thanks for this proposal, @elit-altum! The showcase proposal is clear and thorough, and I think the updates you’ve made with Lauren’s suggestions look good.


Thank you so much for your time and your comments @kjhollen !

It would really really help me if you could take a look at the p5.js web editor proposal as well, linked here

Thank you once again!