GSOC'22 Proposal Review

Hello everyone!
I have worked on the proposal for the project - “example code improvement”. Here is a link. It would be very appreciated if the project mentors or anyone can review my proposal and give some feedback or suggestions for the same.

Thank you!

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Hi, @kjhollen @hx2A @mcintyre could you please review my proposal.

Hi @Saksham !

I am not a potential mentor for a p5.js project and I know little about website design but I did read your proposal and will offer some support. I like how you provide a layout design of your ideas; that is important for understanding the changes & improvements you are proposing. I’d like to know more details about your theme switcher. Will it change colors & fonts, or something more? I know that website accessibility is very important and important to the processing community, and like how you included a section on that. I don’t understand the accessibility changes. Although this might be clear to someone who knows more about website design, but maybe you could point out where on the website these problems are found and how the changes are beneficial?

@Saksham , I wish you the best of luck with your proposal!

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@hx2A Thanks a lot, for giving your precious time and your feedback helps me a lot :slight_smile:
I have one doubt how to connect to the project mentors? Their names are not mentioned in the project section.

@mcintyre Would you please review my project? And It would be nice if you also tag the project mentors for the same.

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You are welcome. I don’t know who the project mentors are for that, but there have to be people on this forum who know.

You’re off to a great start! I left a few comments for you to review.

In the meantime, here are a couple of proposals from students that I mentored in past summers – they may be helpful references for the layout and level of detail in your proposal.

@Saksham looks like a good start, I have left some comments in order to increase its scope to become a more strong proposal.

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Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile: I will do it. And one more question are you the mentor of this project?