GSOC’23 Proposal Review

Hello everyone!
I have worked on the proposal for the project - “ Continued development of p5.js Teach page”. Here is a link . It would be very appreciated if the project mentors or anyone can review my proposal and give some feedback or suggestions for the same.

Thank you!

Hi, @hx2A @mcintyre could you please review my proposal.

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Hi @sudeep162002 ! I am the wrong person to review this, but I welcome your contribution to the community!

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@sableRaph @yinhwa can you please review it

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hi @sudeep162002 thanks for sharing your proposal. Looks like your current proposal’s focused on the showcase website than /teach page, if I got it correctly? – in which case, you might want to reach out to Tanvi Kumar, a possible mentor for the showcase project.

ok understood thanks for the tip.

@tanvikumar can you please review this proposal.

Hey @sudeep162002
I would recommend focusing on one aspect of the showcase website. Continued development of this would be more focused on adding a new showcase page for this year - perhaps that can be a focus here instead.
Proposal can also have more technical details and clarity on how you plan on reaching out to artists, examples of UI ideas for the page etc.

ok understood I will change accordingly

Thanks @sudeep162002 for your interests in contributing. As mentioned in the project list page, both Teach and Showcase pages are low priority projects for p5.js GSoC project this year. GSoC p5.js proposals addressing the existing GitHub issues will be given high priority. I just want to make sure that you are aware of the priority levels before you apply. Thanks!

hey @tanvikumar can adding different language and different mode can be a focus ??

@qianqian_ye yes I know that this is not a high priority, but I think very strongly that I can contribute to this project and my previous experience definitely helps in that. :smiley: