Python mode is not working

I couldn’t run Processing in Python mode. Nothing happens when I click the run button. When I click the Run, it glows green but turns gray again instantly. I deleted the program and reinstalled it, but again the same thing happened. And just Python mode is not working.
I’m using Processing 3.5.4 for Windows.
Python Mode: 3063
(Sorry for my english)

What code are you trying to run? Do you see any errors in the console (that black area at the bottom of the Processing window)?

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I try to run this simple code ellipse(50, 50, 80, 80). This code from the py.processing’s site.
No, I don’t see any errors in the console.

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Java mode works ok, right?

Could you try turning off wi-fi?
Network firewall/proxy issues have created problems for Python mode in the past.

Yes, Java mode works. Just Python mode is not working. I did what you said, but it’s still not working.

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I feel your pain :frowning:

Would your username perhaps have non-ASCII characters?
Could you try log in in as guest on Windows and try?

As a desperate measure, you might run Python mode inside this Linux virtual machine: