I'm not able to run any code on Processing Python mode

I just installed processing and I can’t run any code. Not even print(‘hello, world!’).
This error keeps popping up in the console panel. I couldn’t find anybody else who had this issue, can someone please help?

at jycessing.Runner.runSketchBlocking(Unknown Source)
at jycessing.mode.run.SketchRunner.lambda$startSketch$3(Unknown Source)
at java.base/java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:833)

Hi there,
Try posting this (and looking for solutions) in the processing.py topic forum.
You may find help there.

Are you using Processing 4? Right now, there’s no Python Mode support for Processing 4. Use Processing 3.5.4, instead.

Yeah im having the same problem, using Processing 4, but just switching to Processing 3.5.4 will work, like the other guy said.


Processing 4.0b4 includes a “Python Mode for Processing 4”. There’ll likely be a few bugs to sort out, so consider this in testing for now.