Another "python mode not working" problem

I downloaded processing few hours ago and wanted to try python mode(3063) but it doesnt work. it gives empty lines in logs. I checked other similar posts too but no luck. tried downloading the mode manually from site, turning off firewall & wifi, reinstalling, restarting pc. and I dont have nonASCII characters in my directory path.

is there a fix for this that I missed while researcing or? any help appreciated

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Hi Sayochi,

I’m very sorry to hear it’s not working out of the box (and it bothers me that there are a few people with unsolved broken Python mode).

May I suggest you open an issue detailing your OS and setup at Issues · jdf/ · GitHub ?

As an emergency solution I’ve used with students, you could run on a VM like VirtualBox (I know this is not ideal :frowning: ):

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Welcome, @Sayochi

Are you using Processing 3.5.x? There’s a Processing 4.x pre-release, an early/alpha version, so avoid that for now. What operating system are you using (Win/Mac/Linux)?

Try to run the simplest sketch possible, like just a one-liner with a print('hello world'). Does this work okay? Does a display window even pop-up, and is there any output in the console?

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