Prototype Feedback

I’ve been working on a new design for the mobile version of the p5.js web, this version is supposed to have all of the desktop version features, different from the existing design. I’m planning on proposing the implementation for GSOC.
Here is an interactive prototype:

It would be really cool if some people could give some feedbacks so that I can improve it.


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Looking nice!
Maybe a light\dark option in settings?


it should continue with the light/dark option that it already has.
Since it’s only a prototype it does not need to have all functionalities yet.

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hi @phe0, this looks great! A few suggestions:

Some of the text looks a little small—for example, the sketch title, and the file browser names. Can you imagine the interface giving more room to these things? How would it look if the drawer for the file browser needed to be wider?

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thanks for the suggestions @kjhollen.
I will work on the text to make it bigger and easier to read.
Sorry, but I didn’t understand what you meant by “giving more room to these things”, could you give me an example?

hey @kjhollen,
I have gotten some of the text bigger as you suggested and have finished my proposal.
Could you please take a look?
Here it is:
If you want to check the prototype out again you can use the same link as before

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hi @phe0 this is a very clear, focused proposal. I left some comments for you in the document about possible improvements.

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thanks, i’ll work to improve on it