GSoC'22 Proposal - p5.js showcase

Hello everyone. I would like to present my proposal for the Continued development of p5.js Showcase to the community members to review. Feedbacks are appreciated and would be very helpful. You can post them directly in the Google Doc, or on this thread. Here is another related thread (discussion) regarding the project. Currently, the mentor of this project is TBD. So, may I tag @saberkhan since they replied to my thread?

Thank you.

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Hi @kjhollen @mcintyre @hx2A. Could you please review my proposal? Thank you.

Your proposal is off to a great start! :rocket: I left a few comments to clarify some points.


Thank you for the comments. I updated the proposal to clarify my idea as you’ve suggested.

left some comments regarding card UI/UX.
Overall, the proposal is informative and taking its shape toward some good outcomes.

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I thought about what you’ve suggested, and left a comment there. Please tell me what do you think. Thank you.