GSOC: 2019 Regarding Project Proposal

Hi everyone,
I’m Abishake, a Computer Science Sophomore from National Institute of Technology, Trichy. I have been interested in contributing to Open Source and doing the same for quite some time now. I found really interesting as it helped me for easier creation of p5 projects and the fact that it upholds the vision to make coding accessible for everyone. I would like to contribute to the same for this summer in GSOC in the following topics.

  • Mobile/Responsive Design implementation
    I really feel this very important as most of the users are teachers and designers who would love to use it extensively on tablets and phones. I also would love to add more suggestions to this.
    I’ve started preparing my proposal and would like to have any help regarding the same.

Looking forward to work with you all. :slight_smile:

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@cassie @lmccart @jeremydouglass @stalgiag I am posting a draft of the proposal here. Please review it and help me improve more on the same.

Proposal Link :

Thanks a lot !!

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