Processing won't open after Win 10 updates! DELETING PREFERENCES FIXED IT!

Been using this same computer for over a year. normally not connected to internet.
connected yesterday and it asked to run updates this morning.

After it restarted Processing logo 2.2.1 comes up , then goes away , task manager sjows nothing running, .pde never appears!

Checked java version ,same as it has always been 1.8.151

shut down , restarted, no difference.

downloaded and installed java 1.8.191 update , restarted , made no difference.

I can’t get to any of my programs!
It was working last night ok, then this am after updates , everything else seems unchanged , but Processing will not run, it starts up and then vanishes, no error message , nothing.

What the hell could updates have done to do this!

PLease help me.

What is your computer ? issues can be differents depending on your OS…

Did you checked your anti-virus ? Some block all programs not registred as safe in a specific registrer of it, if this programs try to modify or access to yours folders…I saw that w/ Bitdefender, it’s an option that you can shut down.

Did you try to download the last version of Processing (3.4) ?

@jeffmarc – were you able to resolve your problem?

My suggestion is that instead of opening Processing by clicking in the link shortcut or right on the executable file, you should browse directly to a folder containing a pde file and click on it so your operating system opens it up by invoking Processing for you. This is assuming you have pde files associated to Processing in the first place.


deleting preferences file in appdata resolved this