Processing python module dont running code

my prcessing python module is opening but its not running the code


Please share more information!
Does this run?

rect(10, 10, 10, 10)

Which is your Processing and Python Mode build versions?
What is your system? Mac, Win or Linux?
Can you log as guest and test?


when i clicked the run this happening.

processing version 3.5.4 x64 #also ı tryed x32 version processing python version:3063 and python ide version:3.8.3
ım using windows 10 x64
how can ı log as quest

Thanks! @omselkara!

I see from your screenshot that you are on a localized version of Windows, Processing might have problems if its folder names contain non-ASCII characters, like this: ’ C:/Windows/Users/café_façade/Documents/Processing`.

So I was proposing that you activate the guest account on Windows and try Processing from the guest Windows log in… It’s a crazy idea but might work.


ı tried but still dont work on log as quest. account name is Visitor

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I feel you pain.

Can you try turning wi-fi off? There are some mad firewall problems on Python Mode.

If that doesn´t work, I’ve found a VirtualBox Linux Virtual Machine that you could use while we try to figure this WIndows issues. You would need to install and this OVA file:

(It came from the shoebot developers, I don’t know the user password, so I’ll try to create a new one soon)

There was no problem before, just started.
i tryed turning off wifi
should ı always use virtual for processing

It would be great you could test an older version of Python Mode (they are keept inside user/Documents/Processing/modes/old) and file an issue at

Thanks for the persistence and welcome to our community!

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ı tryed dont running the code