Processing not run in python mode

hi.processing is working perfect in java but not in python mode.i open examples or write a basic code and when i click run, nothing show errors.the run button turn yellow while i click and turn grey again.what can i do?

not sure that means warning??
usually its green.

have a little bit more information?

Raspberry Pi // OS Raspbian / Processing 3.5.3 / Mode python

laptop // Windows 7 64b / Processing 3.5.3 / Mode python

yes its green, sorry :see_no_evil: my english bad…
when i click the run button:

the only change in the red side.
and if you must know my pc is windows10

also this example works here

and also see the scroll bar here ( processing python prints many empty lines??? )

  • and checked that the whole console has no info
    ( you might scroll up and check also that it is empty.)

some small tips:
– changes might not reflect directly after install??

  • restart processing
  • restart PC

sdgr i change the language to english and show me an error but not fix

i scrolled, nothing write.restart pc for twice

can check on version? 3051

here i see no recent reports:

it still not work…but thank you so much

  • test with disabled firewall ( python use some TCP… )
  • delete processing ( keep the sketchbook directory )
    but delete the
  • C:\users\ < XXXX >\AppData\Roaming\Processing\ … directory
    where also the preferences.txt file is! ( see menu: /file/preferences/ last line )
  • fresh download and install again
    • win 32bit version ( for test )
    • win 64bit version