Processing keeps crashing a second after I start it

I start processing, but it crashes. Ideas why? I’ve seen this problem in: Processing crashes after file selection dialog

and: Processing will not start

but neither have a solution I can use. Can someone help me? My situation is basically the same as they have described it, I just installed processing, unzipped it, ran it, and nothing. Weird, because it used to work on this same PC. Windows 10


Can you provide the exact Processing version you are using?

Also can you run processing from the command line and paste the error message (if there’s one? :wink: )


I believe it is Version 3.5.4, the latest version at the time of speaking.

I ran it in the cmd, and while it showed a splash screen for processing, no errors happened, it crashed, and I didn’t see it on Task Manager either. Nothing came out of the command prompt either

All right, it’s strange because even on GitHub issues they say that it’s better to ask here… :thinking:

Yeah, it’s why I came here haha. Not sure what to do now, one of them was resolved because he reinstalled it? I just installed mine though

Yes, can you try to remove all Processing installed on your system (including config files / user sketchbook folder) and install again the latest version?

Also I suspect it may be linked to the Java version installed on your system? Try to update it to the latest version if not :wink:

I’ve updated my Java version to 16, I believe and re-installed processing, to no avail. Where are the config files?

I think you have a sketchbook folder in your user home directory (it’s the case on Linux)

Not here I don’t, sorry. Perhaps it’s something different because I’m running Windows 10?

Anyway maybe it’s specific to Linux and I can’t really help you with Windows in this case :frowning:

Did it work after reinstalling it?

Unfortunately, no, it still shows the splash screen and does nothing