Processing Community Day @ Chicago


feb 2 works for me. nice that it is a saturday.


Hey all - sounds good. February 2nd works good for me. At our meeting we spoke about a day of workshops, so I’ll start a Google Doc for knocking up a workshop schedule:


Awesome! All right, I signed up todo a JS workshop.

I can ping JD and Jesus, if @jesparriswestbrook or @funkstart doesn’t beat me to it. I don’t know Cody and Christopher. Need to get Sarah on this forum too; I’ll work on that.


Ack, I don’t have recent email addresses for JD or Jesus after all. @funkstart, can you loop them in?

I have confirmed our reservation for the Library’s convention space for Feb. 2.


Shall I start an EventBrite page, or does somebody else want to do it (or something different)?

@jesparriswestbrook, @kjhollen, @funkstart, @cleogirl2525, @jonchambers


thanks folks! I tentatively threw my name in for the intro workshop, but am happy to let someone else take this on if they want to. we’re wrapping up class at DePaul this week (already!) so I have some spare cycles coming up in the next two weeks that can go into making flyers & banners etc if that’s helpful.


I think that’s a great idea. What do you think is the turnaround time for flyers/banners?

Our classes wrap up Dec. 17, so if we want students to see them, we’d want them up by then, or early in January.

I could setup the EventBrite this week so you can get that info on your flyers.

Note that the UIC Library space holds about 50 people with laptops. Maybe double that with chairs only.


JD’s email:

Jesus - ? @jesparriswestbrook, do you know the best way to contact him? I really think we should since, it would be awesome to get high school participation.

I like eventbrite - the app is pretty solid. How many tickets should we offer, considering the space?

We should get the flyers up right at the beginning of December - that way, at least at UIC, students would be seeing them before/at finals. I can have Chris Markin (at UIC photo) print out some so we can flyer UIC (he’s been pretty cool about this in the past). I can check if he can print enough to distribute to the rest of you guys to put up on other campuses, if that’s something you’re all interested in.

@kjhollen if you’re cool with knocking something up, just send me a .pdf!


Oh snap, @jesparriswestbrook you already listed Jesus’ email up above - @aljabear, you wanna try to get ahold of him?


Hi Everyone!
Apologies for the lack on participation so far. Just looking back at this thread…any decision on scale and location?


@funkstart, @jesparriswestbrook oops I somehow missed those emails too. Yeah, I’m on it.

@sarahjritch, the Library conference room can handle 50 people with laptops, give or take. Date is Feb 2. I’ll setup an EventBrite this week, hopefully later today.


This sounds great…thanks for including me…how can I help?



@jdpirtle, I think it’s pretty open-ended at this point: however you want to participate.

  • You can sign up for a talk
  • If you have a digital artwork you’d like to display, we may have a projector wall with some nice exposure: maybe polish up your work for display.
  • You can recruit other artists to participate, and to show their work
  • You can spread the word generally
  • You can brainstorm for other cool ideas which might make this thing memorable, but which we’ve not thought of yet. Installations? Collaborations? Online art? Augmented reality? Dunno: whatever you have time and inspiration for. We have 2 1/2 months.

I’ll get that EventBrite setup today, so you will have a URL to supply to people. Thanks in advance!


What’s out intended (or likely) audience for this? Or, who do we think we will get vs who would we like to get? Just asking as it will help me figure out what to propose for a potential talk and where to promote this.


That’s a good question, and I don’t know.

My assumption: graduate students and junior faculty, maybe a few undergrads and rando artists. It would be great to get a few precocious high school students.

Partly, I’m not sure because I don’t know what channels we will advertise in. Most of my contacts these days are in the academic library and digital humanities communities, which I can exercise, but which aren’t entirely in our sweet spot. I am also happy to hang flyers in the UIC Library.

Others in this thread may have other ideas.


I was just reading the PCD materials from the mother ship:

They have some nice examples for introductory workshops, etc.

They also are really gearing this toward younger people; even under 12 years old. I wonder if we can manage that too?


I just got the EventBrite page online.

Please take a look and tell me if you want to change anything. In particular, if anybody has a better header image, perhaps with more color or people, please forward it on.

Otherwise, feel free to share.

@sarahjritch, @jesparriswestbrook, @kjhollen, @funkstart, @cleogirl2525, @jonchambers


Awesome, thanks @aljabear!! I think I can get a flyer done by December 1. I’ll do an 11x17" for print and an instagram format that we can share with processing foundation and ask them to help us promote. Anything else / any other formats I should make?


That sounds perfect. I can’t think of anything else. Please send me digital copies I can share with my staff; the Library has offered to help us promote as well.


Hi folks, I intend to start spreading the word in earnest this week.

Unless people think otherwise, I intend to aim for a diverse audience, but mostly programming rookies: I will not assume any prior experience. My professional network is largely library staff and faculty; I’ll ask them to pass the word on to their students, so this may mean undergraduates. I will need your help to reach anybody younger.

Following is my first draft, somewhat cribbed from other PCD events on this forum (thanks guys). If you have any edits to make, please let me know; I will otherwise start sending this to people probably on Wednesday.

And please feel free to use this text yourselves if you want.

Are you creative? Do you want to program computers, but don’t know how to begin? Join us for the first (annual?) Processing Community Day @ Chicago, held at UIC on Saturday, February 2, 2019.

This will be a full day of hands-on workshops and talks designed to get you started, using Processing and P5.js. It is part of a diverse, global community, with many cities and regions planning a PCD in early 2019.

Processing uses the context of visual art and imagery to make learning to code open and accessible to anyone and everyone. In hosting PCD @ Chicago, our goal is to create a welcoming, inspiring space for those new to coding, as well as a place for artists, designers, researchers, and makers within our local communities to come together to connect and share their experiences.

All ages and skill levels are welcome. No prior coding experience is necessary. It’s best if you can bring your own laptop computer to use, but if this is a problem, please get in touch with us (via the forum link below).

For (free) tickets, please visit our EventBrite page.

For more information, or to join in the discussion, visit the Processing forum.

See you soon!

@sarahjritch, @jesparriswestbrook, @kjhollen, @funkstart, @cleogirl2525, @jonchambers