Processing Community Day @ Chicago

Lets collect discussion regarding Processing Community Day in Chicago.


Hi folks! I just moved to the area and started teaching at DePaul this week. Excited to help set up a Chicago event in any way that I can. I’ll try to get to know what resources might be available at school.

I think we want to set up a meeting for next week? Look forward to meeting everyone soon!



I vote for lunchtime next week, either at UIC or downtown? Evenings are tough for Tiff and I without more notice, because children.

Hey everyone. I can go ahead and merge our names in this spreadsheet if we want to combine forces and create one event, which I think would be a good idea.


@jonchambers that sounds good to me.

I just created a quick Doodle poll for next week lunch times:

If other times make better sense, I’m happy to edit the poll

ok, combined the rows so there’s only one Chicago listing


Sweet! Hi, everyone! I just responded to the Doodle poll. Excited to get this going!

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Sounds good! I just responded too—on Wednesday + Friday I can only meet downtown, but on Monday + Thursday I’m more flexible and can meet anywhere.

No perfect dates so far. I could extend this into the evening, or the week after?

@funkstart note my mom will be in town, so that might free up your Friday.

So Friday afternoon might work, since we might have mom support for @funkstart. Haven’t heard back from @jonchambers or Shawné, though? What do you guys think?

Where is the best place to meet downtown for you @kjhollen? Maybe at the Art Institute, or Dollop near the big library?

Hey everyone. I can’t meet on Friday (class all day) but Tuesdays and Thursdays work for me.

Since we’ve not found a consensus, I updated the poll with some evening hours and next week too. Please update your answers.

rad, thanks! just shared some updates. it’s the first full week of school here, so I’m much more flexible next week as things are a little more settled in.

Updated my availability :slight_smile:

awesome. @jonchambers are you in touch with Shawné?

@aljabear i’ll contact her today

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Hey everyone ~*
I’m a little behind but I just did the doodle and It’s great to catch up with y’all here.
Can’t wait to meet!


Durp. It appears that there is no time when we can meet when everybody is available. Shall I extend the poll to the week after, or any other ideas?

Sure. I’ve got mostly morning classes this quarter, so I can be free in the middle of the afternoon (3-5) on some days (Tuesday, Thursday, and most Fridays with the exception of this upcoming Friday).

From Xin, via email:

We should send a group photo and meeting notes from our meeting to Xin to share on social media.

I updated the Doodle poll; we’re all too busy, so no confluence yet. Maybe this is the wrong way to go about it. Perhaps people would like to visit Tiffany and my house (McKinley Park) over a weekend, and we could plan things over beer? There are two small children, and things are messy (just moved in), but it might work.