Processing Community Day @ Chicago


I have contacted our Library’s communications director, and she is happy to help spread the word, and to help us with a basic communications strategy.

@kjhollen, I mentioned your flyer, and she was encouraging. She offered the use of the UIC logo, although she would like approval of the final flyer. I figure it makes sense for us to include our respective institutions on the flyer, right? Would DePaul and/or SAIC want to include their logos?

At least it seems the UIC Library would like credit for providing resources (e.g. space, coffee), and to provide some official sanction. Seems reasonable to me. Let me know your thoughts.

@jdpirtle, I gave some more thought to a potential audience, and this is what I came up with:

  • the public
    • artists
    • hobbyists
  • schools and universities
    • art departments
    • humanities departments
    • computer science/engineering departments
  • underserved populations
  • students: primarily undergraduates, but also high-school or graduate students
  • faculty and other professionals

@sarahjritch, @jesparriswestbrook, @funkstart, @cleogirl2525, @jonchambers


I think we could go either way with the logos. I think it’s appropriate to credit UIC for providing the space. From what I’ve seen, other events are describing the organizing team over specific institutions, so we have some options (here’s how the NYC event is handling it: Do you know if there’s a specific logo I should use for the school or the library? I can work this into the design. I’m working on this later today and will hopefully finish this afternoon.

Looking over the Eventbrite page, could we add a code of conduct for the event? I think the organizer’s kit had a good one to start from.


Great, then if it’s OK, try and work in the UIC logo. I appreciate it (i think it will make my life a little easier).

Re: code of conduct, is there one we can link to somewhere on the web? Seems like that’s a wheel we might not need to reinvent. Here’s one. Happy to do something different if you like.


Here’s a draft for the poster. I’m still working in the UIC logo, but also looking for a way to prompt people to register on eventbrite. I have a account and could get us if that seems reasonable?

Looking for feedback on copy/amount of text. Thanks!


Hey @kjhollen !

I wanted to jump in really quick and say this poster looks great!

One thought - (I know there’s a lot of text already but) it might be worth mentioning if the space is accessible or not - and if not, if there are accommodations available and who to contact. I have a feeling this as an event that will be affirming to those looking out for activities that are low to no-impact/movement and a gesture towards that could be encouraging. =]

+ re : a sign up link - is it too 2010 to use a QR code? o_^
Lols, I’m just thinking about space considerations.

+ Maybe mentioning in the third paragraph that Processing is a platform. " Processing is a platform that uses the context of visual art…" might be helpful just to explain what Processing is objectively without adding a whole other sentence.

I hope this helps! Am happy to brainstorm more if you feel it needs more work - but it looks great from here.


Hey! I can step up take some responsibility at SAIC to reach out to folks in relevant places. (Maybe you and me @jonchambers can kinda kiki and make sure we’re goin around in different circles.)

+, I can do some outreach for us in terms of bringing people from other organizations in - maybe focusing on some younger, creative folks that aren’t associated with the uni system. Do we think there a possibility of gathering some additional resources from the school or the library if there is need for a few extra computers for folks who don’t have access to bringing theirs with them?

++, For reference, do we have a goal for how many people can we even handle in these workshops?

+++, I’m behind so perhaps this is stuff y’all talked about already and I missed! Apologies for any repeat.


@kjhollen, the poster looks great. I sent my feedback in email (because that’s what I saw first this morning). but to reiterate my critiques here:

  • Maybe include the PCD logo somewhere?
  • I think the small text is a bit hard to read

I’m stoked you made this look so cool, regardless. Can you send me/post the background image you used? I want to use it for the EventBrite page, instead of the one I have now.



thank you @cleogirl2525 for looking at the text! I’ve added some contact info for accommodations and found a way to resolve the registration URL. other copy edits re: platform and suggestions from @aljabear are present here too.

I can’t attach PDF to the forums, but can email this to folks for easier printing/sharing if needed.

I made a gmail account that we can set up to forward to all of the organizer accounts, if that works for you all? Then we can also use it for the code of conduct to indicate who to reach out to if anything comes up.

processing foundation is eager to help us promote, so I’ll make an instagram banner, too. let me know if you’d like to be tagged in future posts!

background only:

btw, the background is made with Processing! please feel free to use this to generate new patterns at another size:


Ok—instagrammable for your consideration:


This is so cool. Thanks @kjhollen. The Gmail account is a good idea. You can certainly forward it to mine if you want. I will update the EventBrite page this afternoon with the new background, and include the gmail address.

Yes, please email me a PDF of the printable flyer, so I can forward it for sign-off from my marketing dept.


Ok folks, here’s a Google Drive folder with the assets in them for the printable 11x17 flyer and some Instagram stuff!!

I’ve also put a Code of Conduct in the folder based on the one in the organizer’s kit, and updated it with the generic gmail address for the Chicago event instead of the LA organizers’ info. The document is globally editable for now—please feel free to suggest/make changes as you see fit!

Excited to be working on this with all of you and to start getting the word out!


Hi everyone,
Sadly I came across this event for the first time just some minutes ago. I say sadly because it was just two days ago that I committed to participating in a steamfest being held the same day in Lake Zurich. I hope that your event is a great success and will be the first of many.

Best wishes, Jim


@kjhollen this poster is amazing, thanks for putting it together! i’ll start sending and posting it around.

@cleogirl2525 Who are you gonna contact at saic? I can reach out to the new media folks (Snow, Jon, Nick) if you haven’t already. Art and Tech people might be interested too…I know Lindsay French and sort of know Christopher Baker. Lindsay might be interested in doing a workshop too.

Excited to work on this with you all, sorry about ghosting on this forum for the last month :confused:


@aljabear did you hear back from Jesus? If not, I can try to contact him too.


@jonchambers yep I heard from him in early Nov.; he seemed interested, and said he was busy at the time, but that he would catch up after he had some extra bandwidth. He said his students might be interested in participating. I pinged him again a couple of weeks back, but nothing since then.

@Jim-Plaxco-Artsnova, please spread the word in your network! And we’ll probably do other events in the future, so stay tuned. Thanks for the kind words.


Hi everybody. @funkstart and I are on vacation from later today until the second week of January, at which point we need to be in the final stretch. So let’s tee this up now.

Currently we have 2 (two) registrants for Processing Day @ Chicago.

I’ll start the hard sell starting Jan 7, release some social media, and post flyers where I can. The UIC term begins on Jan 14: cutting it close, but I think I can recruit some undergrads in the last two weeks of January.

Can we coordinate? What is everybody else’s plan?

We need:

  • registrants!
  • I need to confirm refreshments
  • artwork to project on @sarahjritch’s wall (assuming it has been confirmed?)
    • Sarah, is your room available? Do you want to do anything there?
  • confirm who will do the 11am–12pm slot. @jdpirtle?
  • work to show after?
  • what about an after PCD party somewhere? Does anybody want to put this together?

Can anybody tap the Chicago new media community, or the EVL folks? IIRC they used to be involved with/hosted our informal Processing meetings in years previous. It would be nice to have them involved, or to tap their network.

Thanks for being awesome, and thanks @kjhollen for the great flyers.

@jesparriswestbrook, @cleogirl2525, @jonchambers, @Jim-Plaxco-Artsnova


Yes, I’m happy to do the 11am-12pm slot. I’ll reach out to EVL and ask Maxine to shoot the info out to their various listservs. I used to host Processing Chicago there, so I can also try to reactivate that Twitter account and use that to advertise.


cool, thanks @aljabear!

I just set up mail forwarding from the gmail account—it looks like there needs to be some kind of code verification and everyone probably got a weird email about this already, I’m sorry. I can send folks a password to log into the account to verify their own forwarding or you can send me the code that google sent to you, whatever you’re most comfortable with.

Also, I grabbed the emails that were in the PCD global spreadsheet, but not everyone was in there, so please send me your email address if you’d like to be added!

The spreadsheet now includes our official date + time, so hopefully it will show on the Processing site and that will give us a bit of a boost, too. We start school again at DePaul on January 7th, so I’ll send some invites to students and faculty then. I have a couple of friends at interactive agencies that I’ll reach out to after the new year, I’m worried they won’t see/forward until then anyway.


I would like to attend but ticket sales on Eventbrite have ended. Is there a wait list?


@msnitmo Sorry, that was my error. You should be able to register now. Thanks for letting me know!