Chicago creative coding community


Hi there. This is a place to discuss getting together, on a semi-regular basis in Chicago, to discuss and do creative coding, probably at UIC, and probably centered on P5. At some point, we might move any organization to or something, but I hope this might get us started.

Several years ago there was an equivalent meeting of folks at the UIC EVL, so perhaps this might be its spiritual successor. This incarnation might take the form of studio visits, salons, exhibitions, hackathons, talks, beer/coffee at bars/cafes, or some combination. I’d like to keep things as inclusive as possible.

This thread is for brainstorming or informal conversation, or for hashing out details. I have an email list for more directed communication; if you want to be added or removed from this list, please contact Allan Berry at aberry3 [the at sign] I will send out some initial communication shortly.

Anyone, any ideas or any thoughts are welcome. Thanks! Please invite your friends.

@kjhollen, @funkstart, @jdpirtle, @sarahjritch, @cleogirl2525, @jonchambers


This all sounds great…my recommendation is a consistent date/time and place. Happy to help promote, organize, setup, etc.


hey folks, yes, let’s keep things going! I do like the idea of moving around to different venues, to give different folks a chance to host & let a broader / more inclusive range of events to occur.

there’s an informal art + tech meetup that a friend is organizing next Tuesday 2/19, just to meet for beers and catch up. I think it’ll be mostly folks from Leviathan. I’ll email particulars! I think it makes sense to join forces and see where they’re at.


For next Tuesday:

February 19, 6-8pm
On Tour Brewing Company
1725 W Hubbard St
Chicago, IL 60622, USA


Sounds good! I’m looking forward to it.


@kjhollen I never apologized for missing your get-together. Tiffany and I had childcare complications. Did everything go smoothly?