Processing Community Day @ Seattle

Hey there!

My name is Kai Curtis, and I’m trying to organize a Processing Community Day sometime in the coming month in Seattle! I’d love to get anyone who’s around and interested involved in planning things.

I’m a developer at Substantial (, and the folks who run the place are down to host, though we are, sadly, not an accessible space, so it’d be cool to find another space that could accommodate all folks.

If you’re in Seattle or around the PNW and would be interested in hanging out for a day on an upcoming weekend and doing some creative coding stuff, poke your head in and say hi! I’m talking to my coworkers tomorrow about some planning stuff, but if there’s something you want to see—lightning talks, tutorials, group code-alongs with some Shiffman videos—throw it out there! That much better if you’d like to talk about something! (I keep saying I’m going to get a little something together gathering all of the reaction-diffusion stuff that’s out there, but we’ll see if I can do it in time.)

Looking forward to making digital art with y’all!

I am interested in Processing and P5.js projects with a physical computing component.
Be happy to participate and even do some demos.

Hey @MMIX2009, that sounds great! I’m hoping we’ll have enough people with something to share that we can do a little show and tell.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

In case anyone missed it, here’s the eventbrite to rsvp:

And in case anyone is paying attention here but hasn’t RSVP’d to the Eventbrite event: we’re pushing out two weeks due to the snow situation here in Seattle. More time to get together fun stuff to share with each other when the event finally happens!