Processing 4 stopped play sound, audio even with the native examples

hello there,
My Processing just stopped playing any kind off sound, eaven the ones from native exemples.
All others sofwares and music, videos are plays sounds normally.
Only Processing has stoped.
I do not know and not finding the Precessing in my app installed in my windows 10. So a i trying to uninstall and install again.
I didi downloaded Pracessing againg and tryiede to install over the intalled one, and the instalation process dont happen. The prompt scren flash and nothing else happen.
May could be some parameter ou cnfigurations on the proper Processing that i am unable to finde.
q1- how can i unistall Processing and than a can install all over againg?
q2 - is there some properties in configuration i can check to solve it out?!
thank you.
I made a back up of all my projects …

Hi @vrtx,

On Windows, you might want to delete the C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Roaming\Processing folder (see this) for a clean install. (didn’t tested it)


On Windows, I use scoop which is a command line installer that can install various applications.

To install Processing (currently 3.5.4 thought) in a Powershell console:

$ Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned -Scope CurrentUser
$ irm | iex                               # Install scoop
$ scoop bucket add extras                              # Processing is in the extras repository
$ scoop install processing                             # Install it
$ processing                                           # Launch it

Then it’s very easy to uninstall it and manage the updates.

It should work out of the box. It’s either an issue with your Windows sound configuration or a bug in Processing (in this case you should report an issue on the GitHub issue but make sure it’s reproducible)

Thank you Mr. @josephh .
The only software the sounds/musics does not come out is in the Processing…
I did install on Linux o my VM and works normally… But appear that some library is diferent… Its my first time with Processing and Linux.
I still tying to sort it out before delete an install again…
I went to prompt to unistall, and u cant beleave, not work lol… this thing wont get off my machine…
Also i did try to reinstal direct but dont work. What happen is tha the prompt screen flash and that is it…
I am completelly lost with it.

Hi @josephh ,
I did unistall and install everything again. The sound from any sketch wont come out…