Processing keeps failing to install sound library on Arch Linux based distro

I am trying to install the Sound library but I keep on getting this error.

Could not download to /tmp/ : Error during download and install of Sound.

On Windows on the same PC it was all fine. It installed correctly.

I downloaded Processing through the AUR and I used all the default options. Any idea why this is happening?

I am able to install other libraries just fine on ArchLinux.

What if you try installing it manually? In other words, use your web browser to download:

Then extract that and place the sound folder in your sketchbook location (see Processing’s File > Preferences), in the libraries folder.

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That seems to solve it, thanks mate, but yeah its very strange why on Arch it refuses to download only the sound library but now anything else?

Might suggest something going on in your /tmp folder (or have you mounted /tmp on tmpfs ie memory? and simply run out of memory). It is possible to make java (hence processing use a different directory for tmp) in your ~/.bashrc:-

export _JAVA_OPTIONS=""

It is up to you how you create and manage your local tmp folder, but the simplest is just to mkdir ~/tmp and manage it manually deleting stuff as you go (but you could manage it as a cron job, and or create it with mktemp). Don’t forget to source your ~/.bashrc if you want it to take immediate effect. One benefit of this approach, is that it is easy to find the files (eg, MySketch.class, jogamp_0000 etc) created by processing.

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