Can't install processing due to errors

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Hey guys i cant seem to install processing 3.5.4 It keeps saying:
Screenshot 2021-02-04 135042
I tried deleting the sketchfolder. I have unistalled and installed processing again but it wont go away.
Hope you guys can help

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Can you screenshot the folder the processing is located it?
(This probably won’t fix, but to make sure you are not making small mistakes which cause big problems)
It must contain a single folder named: (The processing-3.5.x are just other versions, only one version is required))

When you are in processing IDE, go to Menu File | Preferences

here you see the path to the Sketchbook Location

Mine is for example


Should be C:\Users\<name>\Documents\processing\ for example

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Hi, I have kind of the same problem (I’m on macOS).

I tried to delete Processing files and relaunch, have the same popin, and Processing creates the folders (examples,libraries,modes,templates and tools) but they are all empty…

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Did you unzip the zip file fully?

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Thanks for your anwser.
Yes I did. But there’s only the file inside. From what I understand the folders are created on launch but they are empty.