Please Introduce Yourself


Hello! I am Peter. I am a student who is loving learning how to code. I originally began learning on Khan Academy and once I wanted to explore further I learned processing. I love how processing allows for learning and understanding coding visually. I have been using processing for about four years, and although I am not on very often, I love the environment and people processing has on its forum. You guys are AMAZING!!! :smiley:


Hi everyone!

I’m Justin, and I’m currently living in Southern California. I recently just graduated this past week with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering! I have been using Processing for about 2-3 years, mainly as just a hobby, but I would definitely love to get further into it now, especially being finished with school!
I would LOVE to get in touch with more people who are into creative coding (not many of them are over here) and get more involved altogether :slight_smile:
Thank you guys!


Hi everyone, I’m Lord of Galaxy (I don’t generally give my real name publicly), those of you from the old forum probably know me. I’m from India, and I’m a student with interest in programming, who first started with Processing


Hi everyone,

I’m Joseph Henry, 19 and I live in France.
I’m currently il a double license in Science (Sorbonne Université Paris 6) & Design (ENSCI les Ateliers) and I love coding!
I’ve been practicing processing since 2017 and I know Python, C, HTML/CSS.


Hi everyone. It is nice to meet you all. My name is Colin Thil. I’m a french artist and co-founder of Martian’s Parlor Entertainment, a publishing house for artist’s projects. I’ve been using processing as an autodidact since my fine-arts studies few years ago, and I keep using it now for few projects, mostly video games. You can see some of them right here. Now I use mostly p5 and I enjoy it a lot.


Hello! I’m Matt Kane, a visual artist, making paintings using custom software I write with Processing. For more on my coding practice and examples of my work, please visit


Hi, I’m Matthew Ortega. I am an artist, designer and musician based out of New York and I started working with Processing about 3 years ago. I received most of my education about coding from books and tutorials by Casey Reas, Daniel Shiffman, and Joshua Davis, and the great Processing community. I now hope to continue to make work procedural art work that connects sound and image, and also to begin sharing what I have learned with my local community. Loving the new forum, great work as always!

You can find out more about my work on my website or my instagram feed.


Hello there!
I’m Kiran, AKA Trilobyte, and I am a US student going on to study biomedical engineering/biochemistry in college. I used the old forum to teach myself some Processing, and I quickly found that the language is truly unique and fun to work with. Needless to say, I have learned a lot since my old days in the old forum, and now work a lot with genetic algorithms and neural networks, mainly building programs that learn how to play old arcade games autonomously. I learned a lot from @TfGuy44, so thanks! Programming in Processing is a hobby for me, and I can’t wait to work more on this new forum, passing what little I know forward!


I am Rolando Rodriguez-Leal, I am an Architect and Co-Founder at AIDIA Studio an experimental platform for architecture and design. I have also just been appointed Adjunct Professor on Design Studio and Digital Fabrication at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. I was first introduced to processing in 2012 and have been playing with it on and off ever since, with my recent appointment in University I have now the space to get properly acquainted with it and hopefully start a journey with my students to benefit from its enormous potential.


Hi, I’m Mathieu Heynen. I’m living in Belgium in Brussels. I started my studies (a bachelor of
computer graphics design) to learn Processing. So I used more for 10 years ago.
I did a lot of experiment to mix juggling and interactive visuals or sound made with processing.
I write little tools to help my life of graphist. Now I’m working of a software and library of video mapping ready for raspberry. I give informatics lessons in Brussels. my website. Processing is a part of my life, I don’t want to change …


Aloha I’m Orthoclaise. I’ve been playing around with Processing for about a year, using it to hone my skills coding as well as to put a use to all the junk I have in my basement. I’m mostly looking into using it for creating interfaces to peripherals: Arduino, servo controller boards, and other things that blink.


I’m Gareth Wilkins, a mathematics teacher in Manchester UK. I am also a Model Rail hobbyist and am using Processing, Arduino and Raspberry Pi to control and make sounds for my railway.


Hello. My name is Colin Selleck and I teach Mechanical Engineering at Binghamton University in upstate New York. I have been coding for 40 years, having started out in Fortran on an IBM 360. Currently I use c, C++, Processing, HTML, and Matlab. On the side, I work with artists (and anyone else!) to help them with projects using my coding skills.


Hi, I’m Devin. I’m primarily a musician and writer, but I did some CS back in college and Processing is my go-to when I have a programming task to tackle. I’ve used it for everything under the sun: custom MIDI and light programming, making music videos, building twitter bots, and all kinds of unglamorous behind-the-scenes string stuff like parsing/formatting XML / JSON / etc.


My name is Tristan. My first encounter with processing must have been in 2012. I study contemporary electroacoustic music and audiovisual art in Germany. I use processing in conjunction with SuperCollider and/or CSound to create generative audiovisual works.
Some of my work can be found here and here

I’m also a part-time game-developer/composer/sounddesigner at backwoods entertainment


Hi everyone, the name is Richard Luxon, I live in BC Canada. Here to learn how to make GUI displays for my arduino projects. Im a total noob to programming, but been around electronics since I was old enough to know a resistor from a diode (7 years old).

I know I will have lots of questions, and need lots of help, so please bear with me while Im learning.



doing a great job!!
you guys @shiffman and the @ProcessingOrg how much are you changing my life!!
just a huge THANKS from my tiny mathy heart from india!!


:relaxed:hola!! i’m yaan; i learn whatever my brain asks me to!!
i’ve been learning web programming when i was in 9th grade… and these days i came up with JavaScript thing… and fortunately i found p5.js library on the internet; huge thanks to @shiffman for his time-passing, entertaining and informative videos the Coding Train channel of YouTube!!
processing foundation is helping me by two things… p5.js and processing for android!!


I’m Carmine from NYC.

I’m an adjunct professor at The New School (Parsons School of Design) in New York City. I just finished teaching their “Games 101” course and this summer I will be teaching a Game Development course.

I have a couple of apps in various app stores and a game on Steam.

I’m looking forward to teaching Processing to my students, and seeing what kind of crazy stuff I can do with this thing. :slight_smile:


Hi, I am Prasad Samgiskar from India, Mechanical Engineer.
Started learning arduino, and found out ṭhere are lot more projects and fun things that can be done using arduino and processing together , really enjoying it.