Hello! Introducing myself as the Processing Community Lead Fellow 👋

Hi everyone, my name is Raphaël de Courville (but you can call me Raph)

I’m the newly appointed Processing Community Lead fellow (you can find the official announcement here). I’ll be responsible for the content of the Processing website (including the Examples, Reference, and Tutorials) and the documentation of Processing (Java) among other things.

The role also includes responsibility for the forum and community “which includes working with the current moderators and behind-the-scenes administration”. To be clear, I don’t have a predefined idea of what this should mean. I’m open to suggestions and ideas. For example we are having a conversation right now about nominating new moderators since most of the current ones have not been active in a while.

Note that—though I have been part of the Processing community for a decade now—many of you have spent a lot more time on this forum (and its previous iterations) than I have. You know the ins and outs of this Discourse much better than I do, so I ask for your kindness and patience while I figure things out :pray::relieved:

Above all, this is a community forum. I’m only here to help where/when help is needed, so feel free to reply with your feedback, suggestions, or questions. I’ll do my best to answer everyone.

:bird: Raphaël, Processing Community Lead Fellow


A bit about me: I was born in Paris. I like cute birds and I can’t resist a good croissant (yes I’m French :smile:). I got my start with creative coding back in 2012 at a workshop with Julien (v3ga) Gachadoat. Then I taught myself with books (Generative Design, Learning Processing), online tutorials, and the previous versions of the forum too :blush: Later I published a Processing library and got into some shader shenanigans too. I worked on some interactive installations with the Graffiti Research Lab Germany and ART+COM as well. I’ve also been co-hosting the Creative Code Berlin meetups for the last ten years. Most recently, I’ve been getting into p5.js and JavaScript. I run a weekly creative coding challenge on my Discord and review the submissions on Twitch. I live and work in Berlin (Germany).


Hi Raph,

Really nice to have you here! :wink:

Greetings from France too! (maybe we’ll meet someday :innocent:)



Thanks for the nice welcome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi Sir

We are honored to have you


Congratulations! This time in BB form!
That means even more tabs open with your name on them lol

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