Please Introduce Yourself


Hello! I’m Andres Colubri, and I have used and contributed to Processing since 2006 or so, mainly in the areas of OpenGL and video, and more recently in the Android mode.


Hi, I’m Patrick. I’m an arts and STEM-teacher in a Dutch secondary school in Antwerp Belgium (age 12 to 18). In 2014 we started STEM-classes and were looking for a first coding language for our 12 year old students. That’s how we discovered Processing, a great way to start creative coding. We’re happy to see our students really enjoy coding and we love the similarities with Arduino. I’m not an expert (yet) but I hope to help someone sometimes.

Thanks to the dedicated Processing-team!


Hi, I’m Luc(16). I’m a student at “Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam” in the Netherlands. At this school, I learn about making websites, games and applications. Recently i have downloaded processing and i fell in love with it so far :smiley: . I really enjoy making things in it and planning on using it a lot more in the future.


Hi, I’m Adam Trowbridge. My first introduction to code was via IRC, but really learned code (and loved code) via John H. Thompson’s Lingo in Director. My pedagogical research previously focused on foundations-level code education for non-CS students. I love introducing code to students who did poorly in math (“D” student in geometry here) who never considered code as a creative medium. This also led to a sub-specialty of explaining the importance of learning code to pseudo-luddite fine art administrators.


hi everybody, i’m jessica westbrook - artist/designer with channel two[CH2], associate professor of design in chicago, and a doctoral student in educational leadership and policy (dissertation direction focused on creativity).


Hello Everyone,

My name is Margaret Noble and I work as an artist and a 12th grade educator in San Diego. Four years ago I received a grant to learn code so that I could teach it to my students. Processing was the perfect fit! I am not a natural at code and I have realized that my struggles are very helpful for helping other learners with code. My classroom runs on an inclusive model and students ranging from special needs to advance learners tackle the programming curriculum in the same room. Because of my personal code struggles, I am able to see clearly why some of my students don’t get concepts. So, I use models and chunk things out as much as possible. I am grateful for this new programming world I am in but it kicks my butt everyday.

This is the work I do with my students.

This is my work as an artist which sometimes uses Processing and Arduino.

I am excited to be part of this network!



I’m Nicholas Bussmann…musician, new to processing, but I like it. voila


Hi, I’m Scott Murray, and I’ve been using Processing since late 2007, where I was introduced to it by one of my grad program advisors. It was :heart: by the end of my first draw() loop. :smiley: Processing got me excited about code-based art and design processes beyond the web (which was pretty boring at the time) and made working with data accessible. I got into data visualization through Processing, then later JavaScript and D3, helped others learn D3 with, and now try to sing P5’s praises whenever I can.


Hi Stephen Lewis. I develop hardware and software for teaching STEM. Products are at, including our own preloaded custom Arduino board with lots of plug and play features. The purpose is to make it easy to incorporate sensors and outputs into coding, mainly in P5, but also Scratch.


Hi im Tom. Been using Processing on and off since around 2013. I don’t really know a lot of code so find Processing a great way to learn, im currently working on a new project of mine which has opened my eyes to connecting Processing with external data, tricky but im really enjoying it.

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I’m Jona Hoier from Austria. I’ve been using Processing since I stopped using Macromedia Director in my media art installations, dataVis projects and for teaching in different schools.

You can visit my portfolio at


Hi everyone, I’m Saber Khan in NYC. I organize CC Fest, Creative Coding Fest, an accessible and inclusive event for K12 students and teacher in NYC and LA - I am also a Processing Fellow to help with K12 CS outreach. Get in touch either project interests you.


Hello everyone! I’m Sam Nosenzo, a new comp eng grad in Pittsburgh. I’ve been using Processing for all kinds of stuff for about 5 years now and loved every minute of it. Processing is very much responsible for my interest in code, emergent behavior, design and much more.


I am Anon,

a german computer sciene student who want to stay anonymous.
Using the pc since I am 6 years old.
Programming/coding since 2010/11.
I am working / coding with/ in C++, Python, PAWN/GTA/CLEO, Blender, MS VS 2017, gcc and so on…
And ofcourse I am using Processing. I want to create an simple hookah designer but some how the export on Windows systems fails -> linux works but I would need some workaround to come from a .jar to an file which could be inserted on a .Html-Page.

Hope we will find an solution!
Have an nice evening!


Hi! I’m Neil C Smith, an artist and technologist from Oxford (UK). I’ve been using Processing off and on since 2006, although was using Java before that (and before that was also a Macromedia Director user! :grinning: ).

I’m a Linux user and FLOSS enthusiast, and develop PraxisLIVE - a hybrid-visual IDE and runtime for live development with Java, Processing and GLSL. I also maintain the Java bindings for GStreamer used in the Processing Video library, various Java audio libraries (some used in Beads), and am a committer on the Apache NetBeans project.

Occasionally I still get a chance to make art! :wink: I build interactive installations, and do audio-visual performances - most recently a lot of live-coding. |


Hello! I am fairly new to programming in java…
I have several years of experience in Pure Data though.
It is through music software that I came to coding.
Now I want to go further into actual programming,
and hope to learn through Processing.
all the best


Hi there,

I’m Balázs Sziklai. I’m a musician / designer / coder from Hungary. I work as front-end dev for an Agency called Mito and I’m also teaching an entry level generative design course at the Metropolitan university, in Budapest.


What an amazing group of people :slight_smile:


I’m Bird. I’ve been programming since 1983, off and on, and have made great leaps in creativity in using Processing. Previously I had coded Basic on an Atari 400, TRS-80, Apple II, and then various PCs to explore generative art even before I knew it was a “thing”. I have taken part in the last two forums and look forward to seeing this one grow. Though I do not know anyone on these forums, I have learned a great deal from regular contributors and their personalities along the way.


Hello, I have a little knowledge of programming but I will try my best to learn programming. Processing community is a big community. I hope that I will learn a lot of knowledge here.