Please Introduce Yourself



I’m Joan Raventós from Spain.

I’m new to coding, but I find it extremely important for the work that I started doing.
It alllows me to do much interesting and interactive artworks.

I’m working with the concept of non functional machines, machines with no utility, exploring the artistic process through mechanics and artist no intervention.



Hey, my name is Florian Bruggisser and I started working with processing 2013. Since then I use it mainly in projects where sensors and light are involved. While creating my installations I also worked on some libraries I have contributed (PostFX, ArtNet and Sweep).

I am currently doing my master’s degree in interaction design at the Zurich University of the Arts and work at my own design collective bildspur. We often use processing as graphic framework together with kotlin. If you have any questions regarding kotlin and processing, just leave a message.

mail | github | behance | web


ANN-A - most recent project where I used processing


Hello, this is liudr. I remember registering the forum prior to Processing 1.0. Back then I made a lot of use on Processing and got actively involved in the forum (back then Arduino forum looked like Processing forum). Later they moved forum at 1.0 and I started new again but I have used Processing less and less. It’s been a few years since I touched Processing. Hope I can still get it to work and do something interesting.


Hi, i’m Lee from Wolverhampton in the UK. I currently work as an ICT co-ordinator at a high school and i’ve been trying to learn web design on and off (mostly off) for about a year and half now. I had a lot of trouble getting my head around just the basic concepts JavaScript I came across The Coding Train on YouTube and i’m now finally starting to understand JS. Also The Coding Train brought me here so double thanks to him.

Would very much like to have a career in web design/development one but for now i’m just looking to make a few cool (to me anyway) sites using html/JS/css/p5.js and see where things go from there.


Hi, I am Ce Gao from Shanghai, China.

I am the author of Processing.R. The project is seeking new maintainers. Please contact me if you are interested in maintaining it for the community!


Hello everyone! This is Xin. I’m an artist, educator, and community organizer. I currently work as the lead organizer for the upcoming Processing Community Day and I have served as a mentor for Kenneth Lim’s Processing fellowship project.

I’m excited to chat with folks who are interested in participating in PCD @ Worldwide and PCD @ Los Angeles on this new forum!


Hi everyone,

I am Alex Rivaux from France. I am creative Lead and partner at Bonjour lab and also teaching interactive & generative design at e-art super Paris. I have started using Processing 6 years ago and p5js last year as a teaching tool. I am happy to join the new forum :wink:


Hi, I’m The Wizard Bear.

I am an internet user interested in programming and algorithmic art. I discovered Processing through Daniel Shiffman’s YouTube channel a few years ago and enjoy browsing and sharing projects on Open Processing.


Hello, I’m Nick and I teach high school mathematics in Texas. I recently taught a middle school elective with Processing for Pi and have used p5.js for some small projects. I love tinkering with Processing and co. and look forward to learning with you fine folks. :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m jb4x. I am a bit of a geek and I like to try many new things. On my journey I felt upon processing and loved the “artistic” side of the software. I’ve learned a lot thanks to @shiffman and from time to time I work on some personal project. I come here to find precious help and to help the people I can :slight_smile:


Dear Fraternity, I’m Dr.KAZ, an Assistant Professor of Physics from Tamil Nadu, India. Like Albert Einstein I’m only passionately curious.


G’day community!
I code mostly in transformation languages, but mostly enjoy exploring new ways to be creative and curious.

Stumbled upon p5.js through the Coding Train channel.


Hi Nick,
I’m Saber, a Processing Fellow for K12 CS Outreach. Let me know if I can offer any help with p5 in your classroom.


Will do, Saber–thanks so much!


Hi, I go by Tony, and I’m a CS Major at UC Irvine. I tried out Processing a couple years ago, but recently got inspired by the work of Yasai and Tyler Hobbs. I hope to become inspired by others!


hi! I’m Vanessa. I was just starting to learn code and so far I like it a lot! I go to uni right now and planning to do a double degree with data science (the reason why I started learning code while at the same time my interest towards it pushes me to pursue the degree). I’ve been learning through Daniel Shiffman’s codingtrain youtube channel and the playlists are really really good. he was also the one that pointed me to this forum.


Hey guys
Found Processing by accident back in 2015/6 when I decided to tackle certain computer vision tasks and I was amazed by the simplicity and power of this concept. Processing happened to be a great and convenient program to build prototypes. My fields of interests are software development, Android, Arduino, others, and this year I have put an extra effort to learn functional programming, backend technology and web services, and yes, I am taking Processing along this journey. I have a background in Physics and some biosciences. It is great to see the different faces of the community and I take this opportunity to thank the Processing foundation for their work (Big thxs to @shiffman and his positive energy) and also thxs to all the forum volunteers that have either built resource/libraries (specially controlP5, oscP5, boofCV, p5js/pjs/r mode, etc) or helped me in any way in this amazing adventure.



Wow, new forum! I didn’t visit processing community for almost two years now. I had less time for programming and now I feel like part of my soul is missing :slight_smile:.

I’m just an amateur and processing is ideal when I need to visualize something really fast. It actually serves a great purpose for any kind of visual application that may be programmed by a single person. And processing also is a great tool to learn programming. I was able to explain a lot of concepts with processing to people who never tried coding before. And this community… It is just so awesome!

I’m going to try contributing here, as I did on “two” forum some time ago. I learn a lot from questions of other people and it is pleasure to be helpful as well. This should hopefully motivate me to spend more time on coding too.


Hi everyone i’m Dennis and I apologize for my bad english.
I am an industrial robot programmer (.pdl2 & visualPDL2)
I am passionate about Arduino with whom i discovered processing.
I’m just starting out but I hope to grow up


Hi, folks! I want to say thank you to Ben, Casey, Dan and all the others who made these tools and who contribute to their improvement.

I’ve been doing arty programming for a very long time. In other words, I’m brain damaged from using BASIC. However, I’m unbearably persistent, so I’m diving headfirst into Processing. I don’t know what I’m doing.